How Do You Know If the Kennel You’re Buying Is Made of the Best Quality?

The fence industry has long recognized the shift toward chain link alternatives in residential fencing. Chain link fencing just doesn’t fit any longer in many neighborhoods, or often is not even allowed and when it comes to a dog run, most consumers don’t even realize that there are alternatives to chain link.

Puppy Training How To Prevent Parvo In Your Puppy

Parvo is a very, very deadly virus. In young puppies it will often kill 90% of the puppies that develop this nasty disease. As a breeder who has experienced Parvo I can assure you that this is a heart wrenching disease.

Time To Shampoo Your Dog

Shampooing your dog may not be the most fun experience, but it is necessary. No one wants to be around a dog with doggie odor, and it seems the larger the dog, or the more hair a dog has, that is the dog that has the offensive odors and the more challenge to wash.

The Belgian Malinois – A Breed Apart

The Belgian Malinois is a medium-sized dog that is often mistaken for a German Shepherd. On closer inspection though, you’ll notice that the Malinois is slightly smaller, and not quite as muscular.

Dog Crates Are Important

It really isn’t cruel to crate your puppy or dog. Once they are trained, they appreciate the comfort, safety, and security of their own space. Dogs have a natural instinct to be in a ‘den’, and so their crate becomes their private den or home.

The Wild Side of Recipes for Homemade Dog Food!

This article examines nature’s answer to the question, “What constitutes good nutrition for my dog?” It examines how modern pet ideas and feeding have veered drastically from nature’s intention leading to very serious health consequences for our pets.

Buying a Labrador

Thinking of buying a Labrador? Don’t know what to look for? This article outlines what to be aware of when inspecting a Labrador puppy before purchase.

How To Stop Your Golden Retriever From Biting

To be bitten by a dog is serious. It can be very dangerous and most dogs have sharp teeth. Even a scratch from their teeth can turn into a problem. If you don’t stop your dog from biting and take control over your dog he will develop a bad habit of biting you or others and it may become a permanent behaviour.

Do Electronic Dog Repellers Really Work And If So How?

In this article I will answer a question I hear quite often. That question being whether or not electronic dog repellers are actually effective in deterring unwanted canines from approaching.

Five Great Reasons A Dog Treadmill Might Be Right For You

Here are five great reasons dog treadmills might be correct for you. Tire out high-energy k9s Does your dog always seem to have more energy than you? K9s vary substantially in their exercise requirements, and often would benefit from a longer span of sustained exercise.

5 Reasons Why a Mutt Is Just As Special As a Purebred

When it comes to preferences about dogs many people maintain that owning a purebred is better than being the owner of a crossbred. Sometimes, when I am not sure what kind of dog I am talking to the owners answer: “oh, he is just a mixture…”. The use of the word “just” implies that the owner of that special dog has the idea that a purebred dog is more valuable than a mutt. But can that be right?

Benefits of a Homemade Dog Food Recipe Diet

This article contains information on why a homemade dog food recipe diet is better for your dog than manufactured processed dog food. It compares the healthy ingredients in a natural recipe diet with some of those within packaged pet food.

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