How To Crate Train Your Puppy – Don’t Make These Mistakes


Dog Crate Training

Many people worry about or are unsure how dog crate training works. They have concerns about putting their dog in a crate and let it settle down. Well there is no need to worry as a dog crate is just like a dog den.

Importance Of Good Veterinary Care For Your Puppy

It is important to have all of the equipment needed to raise a puppy, but good veterinary care for your growing puppy is essential to good health. Puppies need to be vaccinated every couple of weeks or so just like human babies to ensure that they will grow up to be happy healthy family members.

Good Pets for Kids – Infants Through Toddlers

When you’re planning to add a pet into your family, you must take your children into consideration and figure out what are some good pets for kids are. Kids love animals, but are better with certain kinds and breeds at different ages.

5 Mistakes New Puppy Owners Make

New puppy owners often overlook the responsibilities of having a puppy because they are so excited to bring one home to play. They aren’t aware of how much work puppies actually require… causing what should be a joyful time to turn into a frustrating experience.

No More Smelly Dog – How to Eliminate Dog Odor

If you own a dog, you’ve probably noticed that sometimes he’s a pretty smelly dog. Good news: this is completely normal and you can do things to help eliminate dog odor. Most dogs smell bad on occasion-especially if they spend lots of time outdoors.

Dog Summer Safety: Don’t Forget the Water!

Don’t forget how thirsty your four-legged pet also gets during the summer months! Please keep in mind the following points for a safe & healthy summer!

5 Tips To Improve Your Dog’s Diet

For many dog owners, the link between the way their dog behaves and the fuel they use to ‘power’ their pooch is not as obvious as it might be. Dog nutrition is an ever evolving science. In this guide we’ll give you five top tips to ensure your dog is getting the best nutrition.

Nooo, My Little Jack Russell Has Cancer!

“Your dog has cancer and his leg will have to be amputated.” How panicked I was when I heard those words from our vet. No, my little Jack Russell, who had walked two miles a day with me for years, could not lose his leg. Our walks could not end.

The Freedom Leash: A Creative Way of Walking 2 Dogs Without Tangling Leashes

Finally, there is a retractable leash for dogs which allows 2 dogs to be walked at once on 1 leash, with no tangles. This leash is called the Freedom Leash.

Are You the One Person Your Dog Won’t Behave For?

“I never thought I would see the day that my Italian Greyhound would sit on command or do anything on command, for that matter. He’s just too… free spirited and a little high strung, too. When I remarried and my husband started working with him, I actually laughed out loud and wished him luck. A short time later, my Iggy is sitting for treats as if he’s been doing it all his life. I’m shocked. I just didn’t think he had it in him.” The dog didn’t change; what happened was simply a matter of the new hubby knowing how to train a puppy.

My Dog Is Bloated and I’m Freaking Out! What Do I Do?

Did you know that bloat is known to be the second most deadly ailment that dogs suffer from? And 30% of dogs that suffer from canine bloat either die, or need to be euthanized. Learn what to do now.

My Dog Has Hot Spots and I’m Worried

You think your dog may have hot spots and you want to try and help him, but every time you try to touch the area, he gets very agitated and might even snap at you. So what should you do? Read more here.

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