How To Know If Your Pet Has A Protein Allergy


The Labrador Retriever – Breed Characteristics

The Labrador Retriever is a wonderful all rounder, whether a family pet or dedicated working dog. Here are the main breed characteristics.

Importance of Formal Training for Dogs

One option for dog pet owners is to send their pets for formal training under professional trainers. A much inexpensive alternative is to buy a dog training collar and conduct the training yourself. The catch is formal dog training courses can be very pricey. On the contrary, it is necessary to spend more time if you want to economize and become the personal coach of your dog. Determine the option that will work to your advantage. The issue here is that the absence or lack of training can cause various problems such as unfriendliness, persistent barking, or running away frequently from home. The educated dog can be more behaved than one which has not received any training.

Preparing Your Dog for Your New Baby

You have just found out you are pregnant and you and your husband are extremely excited about this but are worried whether your pet will accept the new baby. Will he be jealous and attack the baby? These are common questions couples ask themselves.

Kennel Cough for Dogs – What Are the Homeopathic Remedies For Dogs?

Kennel cough is one of the most common ailments for dogs. Caused by a combination of virus and bacteria, kennel cough infects a dog’s upper respiratory tract and causes them to cough, retch, sneeze, snort and even vomit over the course of 10 to 20 days. There are a number of homeopathic remedies for dogs that are available. Read on for more details…

Top 5 Loyal Dog Breeds

There are many dog breeds all around the world. This article gives you the top 5 loyal dog breeds that you are sure to love.

Are You Fighting With Your Dog When It Comes Time For Dog Ear Cleaning?

Most of us that own a dog get a lot of enjoyment from this in many different ways. When they are happy then so are we. When the time comes though that they need some special care to keep them healthy like dog ear cleaning it truly can be a stressful time for both the dog owner and the dog himself.

The Basic Principles of House Breaking Your New Puppy

Planning to have a pup is a big decision. This requires of you to make some major changes in your routine. First of all, when you have made the decision to have the pup, you need to decide where is the designated area he or she will be allowed to stay.

Protecting Pets From Household Poisons

Pets are curious creatures by nature, always looking for something interesting to eat. This habit can sometimes get them into serious medical trouble when they accidentally find a toxic substance. Protecting pets from household poisons is all part of being a good pet parent. Start by following these tips

Pets in Distress During the Holidays

Fourth of July is upon us, and for many of our four-legged friends, it’s not a lot of fun. For dogs in distress during the holiday season, here’s a few tips to help them cope.

Five Mistakes People Make When Buying Their First Dog

When it’s time to get a pet, there are a few things to consider to make the purchase of your pet a rewarding one for years to come. In this article is outlined five mistakes most people make when considering buying a new pet. See if you are making or have made these mistakes concerning your pet purchase!

What Is Kennel Cough in Dogs and How Do Dogs Get Kennel Cough?

If you see your dog coughing, retching, sneezing, or snorting consistently, then kennel cough may be present. Kennel cough is one of the most common ailments in dogs, affecting millions of them each year around the world. Read on for more insights about this infection that you must know…

Ear Mites Living In Your Dogs Ears? Read Here How To Rid Your Dog Of These Pests

Imagine thousands of mites crawling around inside your ear canal, wouldn’t you think it would drive you absolutely crazy by the end of just one day? Now think of what it would do to your dog who is unable to tell you that is why they are shaking their head and scratching so much, what do you need to do for relief to your dog? Read below the signs and symptoms and what can be done at the home level before having to take them to the vet.

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