How To Raw Feed Your Dog (Ultimate Beginner’s Guide 2022)

What You Need to Know Before Getting a Pet Poodle

Many people nowadays love having pets and one of the most favorite dog breeds that most people prefer are poodles. Everyone both young and old wants to have their very own pet poodle because of their curly and adorable mane. Poodles come in to sizes and have a lot of colors which make them a great pet for people of all ages. In case you are planning on having your very own poodle, here are some of the tips that you might want to check out.

Keeping A Beloved Dog Safe With Personalized Dog Tags

Dogs are wonderful companions for families who have children and for those who live alone. They are always there for the owners through bad and good days, providing comfort and fun. They never turn their backs on people who care for them…

Tips for Training Your New Rescue Dog

Being rehomed is stressful for a rescue dog and it’s important that you give him or her plenty of time to adapt to their new home. Only when your dog has got past the initial stress of new surroundings and meeting new people will he start to settle in and you can gauge how much training or retraining he will need.

Bring Home a New Puppy

So you got a new puppy? Oh how exciting! Purchasing a new puppy can be a great experience for you or your whole family.

Tips on How to Stop Your Dog From Barking Excessively

The foremost reason why your dog continues to bark excessively at nothing in particular might be due to the fact that it has a lot of unused energy. You have to make sure that your dog is getting adequate exercise on a daily basis. An exercise routine that lasts an hour and a half is enough for most dog breeds. In case the barking is accompanied with restlessness or even aggressiveness that is far from the normal behavior, it simply indicates that more exercise is needed.

Who Is Training Who?

Why is your dog hard to train? You BOTH watched the same training video while drinking a glass of milk and eating Milk Bones.

Simple 3 Step Leash Training For Puppies

Training your puppy to accept walking on a leash can either be quick and easy or if you get it wrong, a nightmare. As with everything there is also a right or wrong way of doing leash training which when successful can only enhance your loving dog experience. It’s a simple question of who is leading who.

Crate Training Your Dog – Things You Should Now About

Crates and exercise pens are a wonderful way to keep your dog out of trouble in the short run and prevent bad habits in the long run. Most dogs readily learn that their crate or pen is like a comfy bedroom, but you need to start by following a few simple steps.

A Word About Dog Treats

Food is a wonderful way to get a dog’s attention, and it’s also a great way to reinforce her for doing what you ask. There are several reasons for that: food not only tastes good, it smells good too, and good smells are tightly linked to good emotions in your dog’s brain.

Dog Grooming Shampoos Can Improve the Condition of Your Pet

The skin of a dog and its hair differ from that of human beings. The skin of a dog has a high pH level and their hair growth is cyclic rather than constant. Even though it is not compulsory to bathe a dog on a regular basis, when the need arises, you should use quality shampoo to do so.

House Training Chihuahuas Successfully

In this article we’re going to talk about house training Chihuahuas by using a crate. Clean animals by nature, dogs keenly dislike soiling where they sleep and eat. This fact makes a crate a useful tool for house training.

What to Do When a Dog Misbehaves?

It’s one thing to teach your dog useful behaviors like sit, down and stay, but what should you do when your dog is doing something you don’t want him to do? Dogs never seem to run out of ways to get into trouble, whether it’s barking like a maniac out the window, chewing on your slippers, or chasing the family cat. Life is a lot more pleasant if you know how to respond swiftly and effectively when Duke is doing something he shouldn’t.

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