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How Much Do You Know About Chicken Jerky Treats For Dogs?

Chicken jerky treats are just some of the doggie treats that dog owners give to their pets either to reward the pets for their good behavior, to add variety to their diet or for whatever reason. But, as a responsible dog owner, you have to make sure that whatever you give to your pet is safe and healthy for him. So you want to give him the treats, but what do you really know about them?

The Various Advantages of Using a Slicker Brush For Your Dogs

Brushing our dog’s coat is a very easy and fun task you’re able to do with your dogs. With numerous brushes on the market though, which should you use for this particular task?

Devotions for Dog Lovers – God Helps Us Change Bad Habits

“And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.” Matthew 6:13 Dogs can develop some bad habits, and so can we all. Yet, there is help. Sometimes we need the assistance of others, sometimes we simply need God. With the help of loved ones, the Lord, and great resolve, our bad habits can be broken.

How Familiar Are You With Your Dog’s Fears?

Most people are aware there are some basic emotions recognizable when one observes human behavior, although not necessarily know all of them. There is one, though, that everyone has felt and therefore, understands and associates with easily. That is the emotion of fear.

Getting Your Pet Into a Dog Obedience Training Program

A proper dog obedience training program is the foundation of good behavior in dogs. It has been often said that there are no bad dogs, just uneducated owners. Many dogs want to please their owners, but untrained dogs will simply not know how.

Dog Owners: Do You Know Your Legal Responsibilities?

If you choose to own a dog that is automatically considered to be dangerous under the law, you may be facing harsher charges and additional dog bite lawsuit settlement fees as a consequence. As a dog owner be sure you know what is expected of you under the law. Prevent a potentially tragic situation by learning how to properly train and restrain your dog.

Puppy Training: Creating an Environment for House Training

Did you recently get a new puppy? Unless you want him to pee everywhere he pleases, you need to train him. With the right puppy training techniques, it would be a relief to not worry about your dog going in the wrong spot. House training is an essential part of caring for a dog. There are a number of ways on how to execute this, but what is most important is you create a suitable environment.

No Dog No, or Shame on Bad Dog Owners

Canine training is big business, and everyone wants the perfectly trained pet, right? Proper training and handling techniques of both humans and dogs will lead to a greater enjoyment of the time they spend together, and will definitely lessen the chances of a dog attack upon an unsuspecting person.

Train Your Dog to Fetch or Retrieve

Before this Dog training is commenced it is extremely important that all dogs have reached a high standard of control. With other dogs present, where possible, a rolled up towel is thrown for the dog to retrieve. The handler then plays a tug of war game with the dog.

Dog Teeth Cleaning Costs: How Expensive Can It Get?

Getting in the habit of brushing your dog’s teeth can save you a ton of money in the future, and keep your dog healthier. I’m going to tell you about some of my own experiences with dog teeth cleaning costs– brace yourself!

Dog Hip Dysplasia Treatment: Commonly Asked Questions

Dog hip dysplasia is a common condition among dogs. It is marked by a looseness of their hip-joints, and this causes them intense pain. It affects their quality of life as this pain causes decreased mobility.

Bad Breath in Dogs – What’s That Smell Trying to Tell You?

Does your dog have terrible breath? You don’t just have to accept this as normal. In fact, some bad breath could be indicating health problems in your dog!

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