How To Stop A Dog PULLING On The Leash


Personalized Dog Tags, Clothing And Houses

Dog lovers everywhere are searching for new and improved ways to make their pets more comfortable and fashionable. For example, owners are growing more fond of having personalized dog tags made. Buying just any old dog shirt, collar, or dog house…

The Best Place To Find Labradoodle Pictures, Facts and Breeding Tips

The Labradoodle has become one of the world’s most popular breeds of dog. However, their popularity also means that it is becoming more common for inexperienced “backyard sellers” to take advantage of people eager to buy one of these loving and good-natured pets. Don’t be taken for a ride, the best way to protect yourself is to inform yourself and there are plenty of places to find out the facts about Labradoodles.

Choosing Your Pet’s Extended Family

Your pets are important members of your family. They make you feel warm and humane with their unconditional love and affection, and you wouldn’t want to see them suffer in any way.

What To Consider About Large Breed Dogs and Elderly People

A dog can bring a lot of happiness to the life of an elderly person. Caring for a pet relieves anxiety, stress and provides the companionship we all need. Despite the conventional wisdom, large breeds may actually be a better choice for many seniors than smaller dogs.

Learn About The Black German Shepherd

Learn about The Black German Shepherd Dog if you are looking for a new pet, or already have one. This article gives great information on the Black German Shepherd breed.

Interactive Dog Toys For You and Your Pooch

Interactive dog toys are lots of fun for dogs and for owners. Many of them also provide a good way for dogs to learn. Instead of simply giving your dog a chew toy to keep him occupied, you can sit down with your dog and do something together. It takes more of your time, but you and your dog can build a stronger bond.

Pet Safety: Be Prepared With a Pet First Aid Kit

Dogs and cats are more than pets…they’re family. They look to us to be cared for and protected. Just like people, accidents and emergencies can happen to animals, so being prepared could make a lifesaving difference.

Preloved Dogs – A Second Chance At Life And Happiness

Preloved dogs often become abandoned through no fault of their own. They are just a victim of circumstance. Giving a new home to a dog that has a had a bad start to life is such a rewarding experience. The love is returned ten-fold. Give a preloved dog a second chance at life and happiness.

History of the Bulldog and Future of the Pit Bull

The debate over breed legislation for pit bulls in the US remains a controversial one. Many argue that the breed itself should not be blamed for its behavior, but lawmakers should instead change the laws to hold the owners more responsible. Others believe that regardless of who is to blame, the dogs themselves are committing violent acts and should therefore be eliminated. I believe that the problem can and should be handled the same way the early bulldog of the mid 19th century was allowed to transform from a terrifying killing machine into a docile and civilized companion.

Help Your Dog Abide By Their New Year’s Resolution to Shed Those Pounds

To begin, we must admit that pudgy canines are adorable. But unfortunately, overweight pets are often unhealthy and can have a myriad of health issues that can severely limit the quality of life and longevity for your canine’s life. So if you are somewhat worried about your dog’s fitness routine and dietary habits of your dog, the question becomes; how can you help him or her keep that figurative New Year’s resolution to shed the pounds?

Obesity and Your Dog – Learn the Warning Signs and How to Stop It

Like humans, overweight dogs are at risk to develop chronic health problems, including arthritis, injury, heat stroke, complications during surgery and a shortened life span. Quality of life is another very important issue; if your pet becomes too heavy she can have difficulty walking and may even struggle for breath.

Dog And Owner – Love Or What?

Have you ever asked yourself whether or not your dog loves you? Are you sometimes afraid that he will not love you anymore if you don’t give him those biscuits he wants or that maybe he will like you less if you ignore his plea to let him off the lead?

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