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The Best Hunting Dogs

Prepare to experience some very intense brain-heat. The reason for that will come right-off-the-top, so you needn’t scroll-down to the bottom for a major shock. For your viewing pleasure we present the top dogs to take into the woods with you when you’re on-the-prey.

So You Want a Dachshund Puppy for Christmas?

Getting a dachshund puppy for Christmas is a great idea, right? Find out the pros and cons to see if it is really the right time to bring a puppy into your family.

How to Identify Whether Your Dog Is Sick or Not

If you’ve got a dog, that means you’ve got a lot of things to be concerned about. Watching out for a pet engages more attention as pets can be prone to numerous canine diseases. Even with a fine diet, immunization and checkups, your dog will not be completely protected from getting infected.

Reducing the Risks of Skin Cancer for Dogs

According to the Canine Cancer Campaign, one in four dogs will die from the effects of cancer. Skin cancers are the most common tumour in dogs and, according to the website, account for around a third of all tumours. According to Wikipedia, 20 to 40% of skin cancers in dogs are malignant.

Know Everything About Dog Kennels

This article revolves around dog kennels. It tells you everything about their types, material, requirement, and ways to grab them.

What A Dog Really Wants From You

We love our dogs. To show it, we write magazines and books about them, buy them designer clothes, and feed them diets more nutritious than we ourselves ate in college. Our dogs go on vacation with us, visit doggie daycares, get massages, go on dates.

Poodle Mixes and Designer Dogs Tips

Are looking for a poodle mix or a designer dog? Do you know all the various breeds of poodle? Here you will find descriptions of some of the common mixes. This will help you choose the proper dog for you.

Is Your Neighbor’s Barking Dog Driving You Crazy?

What do you think? Is it ethical to train your neighbor’s dog not to bark-without your neighbor’s knowledge? Some people seem to think so.

How to Avoid Behavior Problems With Your Dog

Have you recently brought home a dog to stay, or has your four-footed friend been part of the family for a while? No matter how long you have had your pet, you know the joy of hearing those happy barks when you come home from work and the excitement of going to the park for a run. Those moments where your pup or older dog doesn’t behave well, of course, you’d prefer to forget. However, if you forget to take action and avoid further behavioral issues, your dog could become a problem child. What do you do when your dog misbehaves?

Common Defecation Problems in Dogs

A dog cannot speak so it is important to be aware of these defecation problems they might have. Being aware can help you address problems before they become too serious.

Everything You Should Know About Dog Arthritis

Arthritis in dogs can cause a lot of pain in dogs as it does in humans. Here is how to recognize and treat it so that your dog avoids unnecessary suffering.

How to Dispose of Dog Poop?

What the heck are you supposed to do with pet waste? A professional pet waste removal service expert explains how to properly dispose of dog waste.

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