How To STOP Dogs Digging


Training Beagle Puppies With Love And Care

You watch your cute Beagle puppy play or sleep and you start wondering about their training and whether you will have to resort to less than loving and caring methods because Beagles are supposed to be “stubborn” and “difficult to train”. Learn the method to train your Beagle with love and care.

Dog Breeds

If you are thinking to buy or adopt new dog. There are many things that you should consider and this article will help you in it.

How To Potty Train A Beagle With Minimum Fuss

Is it time to potty train your Beagle? Learn the professional tips that will help you in the process while saving you the fuss.

REVEALED – The Three Things That You Need To Have When Training A Dog

In this article I am going to discuss some of the things that you are going to need to train a dog. When you are training your dog there are a few important things you will need.

Dog Games and Puzzles – A Fun Way to Exercise Your Dog

A puzzle game is a great way to exercise your dog. A dog has four legs and a mind and all five need some form of exercise. A puzzle game for your dog can keep them entertained and ‘exercising’ for hours.

The Warning Signs of Fleas

Fleas are the most common external parasite that can affect your dog and if left untreated, chronic infestations not only make your dog miserable but can lead to infection and more serious flea-related diseases. Being aware of the signs and symptoms of flea infestations, along with prompt treatment, will help you keep your dog and her environment a healthy one.

Beagle Barking, Baying and Howling – Is It a Myth That Beagles Howl Out Of Control?

Is it true that Beagles bark, bay and howl out of control or just a myth? Read on to find out the facts and tips to help you stop your Beagle barking, baying and howling.

Keeping Your Pooch (and You) in Shape

Now that Summer is here, and soon to be Fall, you may be thinking about including your canine friend into your workout routine. However, there’s no reason that you should leave your dog at home while you’re working on your beach bod!

Summer Sun, Pool and Water Safety for Dogs

We love the summer months but your dogs need to be protected, so that they can too. Make sure to prevent skin cancer and eye damage, to your pet, but let them enjoy this time with you.

Personalized Dog Tags: Keeping Your Dog Safe

When you get a new dog, he quickly becomes a part of the family. With that adorable drool covered smile, and the way his tail wags when he is happy, it would be impossible to not instantly fall in love with him. And, as a member of the family, his…

Coughing in Dogs – How to Treat Kennel Cough Naturally

Kennel cough in dogs is the common name for an upper respiratory disease primarily in dogs. These days when antibiotics often don’t seem to work as well as they used to, it is necessary to go back to the old fashioned way of treating chest and respiratory infections.

Do You Know What Makes Your Dog Tick?

Learn what makes your dog tick. The secrets to why they behave the way they do and loads more.

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