How To Stop Dogs Reactive Behavior


Losing My Beloved Dog – How Do You Say Goodbye to Your Best Friend?

It was a month ago that we had made the decision to put our beloved Maggie, an Australian shepherd mix to “sleep”. This was one of the hardest decisions that we had to make. After 16 years, how do you say goodbye to your best friend?

How Do I Let My Dog Know I’m The Boss?

If you find yourself asking this question, it’s probably because you are having problems controlling your dog. You find yourself following and adjusting to whatever your dog wants. If this is the case then you should keep on reading. I’ll tell you the reason why your dog is behaving that way, and what you should do to change this behavior.

The Hawaiian Impact On Affenpinscher

The tidal-wave event in the modern history of the Affenpinscher was the birth of the famous Hawaiian litter. This occurred when Ellen and Gil Stoewsand, from Geneva, New York, bought a male whose name was Deer Run Goblin Del Cocagi from Tobin Jackson. After completing Goblin’s championship, Mrs.Stoewsand searched for several years before she managed to obtain a female from Lucille Meystedt, Ch.Balu’s Schwartz Diamant. Unexpectedly the Stoewsands received a six-month appointment to go to the University of Hawaii. Dr.Gil Stoewsand is a researcher for Cornell University. A few days into the new year of 1976, Gil, Ellen and their two daughters, Corrine and Cathy, with their two Affens landed in Honolulu. Because Hawaii is rabies free, the dogs had to remain in quarantine for four months. In February of 1976, while in quarantine, a litter of six puppies was delivered by C-section from Ch.Balu’s Schwartz Diamant, who was called “Dema.” Dr. and Mrs.Stoewsand had high praise for the concern and care their dogs received while in quarantine. They were allowed to visit them daily and the facilities were excellent.

Is A Dog House For My Dog Really Necessary?

Do your dog a big favor, either build or buy them a great dog house. They are “man’s best friend”, fiercely loyal, always glad to see you and always willing to give you lots of love and affection. Show them how much you love and care for them, they deserve a nice new home.

What Is Domedectic Mange and How Is It Different From Sarcoptic Mange?

A skin disease that often affects puppies is something called Domedectic mange, not to be confused by Sarcoptic Mange. We’ll explain the differences, the symptoms, and the solutions if your pet is infected with this skin disease.

12 Things That a Pet Dog Should Not Eat

There are various do’s and don’ts for the pet lovers that needs to be understood carefully. Here is a detail description of what dog should eat and what dog should not eat.

Breeding Practices That Echo Lasting Negative Effects

We have all seen the heart-breaking pictures online and on TV of suffering dogs being rescued from criminal living situations and ask “who could do such a thing!?” But there is a much more common version of this happening all around us.

Fleece Dog Sleeping Bags for Tiny Dogs

Looking for a sleeping bag for your small dog? Consider fleece.

How to Keep Dogs in the Vehicle

Utilizing a car or truck harness for the canine is likely to make trips a more secure experience – for you and your dog. It will help motorists to focus on driving a car, reducing distraction and improving visibility by maintaining your dog under control in the vehicle. Take a look at reasons why should you utilize a pet car or truck harness.

How to Wash Dog Bedding to Get Rid of Fleas

If your dog has been infested with fleas it can be easily treated with Frontline for dogs. However, you will also need to thoroughly clean your pet’s bedding so that these blood-sucking parasites do not come back again.

Things to Consider Before Owning a Dog

There is perhaps not a more loyal member of the family than the family dog. In fact, some people become so attached to their dog that it becomes one of their children, brothers or sisters. Of course, along with all the enjoyment of owning an animal, there also comes quite a bit of responsibility as well as some potential problems that could arise from time to time.

What to Do If Your Dog Is Sprayed by a Skunk!

Has your dog been sprayed by a skunk? If so, the sooner you act the better! We’ll give you a recipe to make a homemade bath solution to get rid of the smell and make everyone happier.

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