How To Stop Puppy Biting Instantly


How to Take Care of an Old Dog

Like humans, pets also go through a process of growth and maturity. Ageing in dogs is a gradual phenomena and it becomes tough for us to cope up with the different needs of our canine friends as they grow. If you find that your doggie is usually stiff in the mornings or is no more an eager eater or is slowing down and sleeps more deeply, then these signs indicate that he/she is ageing.

What Breed Is My Dog? No DNA Test Please!

Do you know the breed of your dog? Is it is a mixed breed? If so, you are in for a real hunt. Just because your dog is purebred, are you sure you know? If you received it as a gift, rescued it or it strayed into your life, you might be surprised! Read on…

Raw Bones For Dog Health

Raw bones: will keep teeth clean and reduce tartar buildup, therefore great for reducing offensive doggie breath! They are naturally high in essential fatty acids (EFA’s), fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, K, marrow (blood forming proteins), collagen, minerals (boron, calcium phosphate and phosphorus in the perfect ratio and availability)…

Facts You Need To Know About Dog Ticks That Could Save Their Life

Dog ticks are a matter that should not be taken lightly. Although common, left untreated, could cause many illnesses and uncomfort for your dog.

How Can I Tell If My Dog Has Arthritis?

You are probably reading this because in some way or another, you suspect your dog might be suffering from arthritis. If that is the case, read further to learn more about your dogs arthritis.

Bark Collar Corrections – The Different Types

Animals converse and talk just the way humans do. And as we speak, dogs bark. But when it comes to excessive dog barking, owners must find a way to stop it, using dog bark collars.

The Importance of Puppy/Dog Training

Training your dog is an important responsibility that a dog owner will have. Not only for the owner’s welfare or the welfare of everyone that is around him, but for the dog itself.

How Do You Train a Dog?

Dog training is an important part of raising a puppy and owning a dog. Toilet training, puppy socialisation and obedience training are required to ensure that a dog is balanced and well behaved. Although breed characteristics and inherited natures can influence a dog’s behaviour, it is how the owner responds to and trains the dog that has a greater impact.

Dog Training Options

“Dog Training” is a very broad term. The following information will help you narrow down the types of training available for your dog.” Evaluating this information will make choosing the type of training that suits your needs, less stressful. Most pets, dogs in particular are predestined to extend the boundaries you’ve set for them. Learn how to enforce those boundaries with ease!

Wire Dog Crates Versus Plastic and Canvas Crates

There are three main different types of dog crates: wire crates, plastic crates, and canvas or soft-sided crates. Each of these has pros and cons, and many dog owners have at least two different kinds. Trainers agree that a pet crate provides significant benefits for every dog.

Wire Dog Crates for the Home

There are some good reasons to choose a wire dog crate for your dog to use at home. Crate training is recommended by top dog trainers as a way to provide dogs with a safe place.

Basic Wire Dog Crate Training

Every dog should have a pet crate to call his own. Wire dog crates are a good option because they are sturdy, chew-proof, and can be folded easily for storage or transport. They can be used in the home, in a vehicle, and at shows and canine sports events. They are not approved for airline travel.

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