How To Stop Your Dog Pulling Quickly!


Your Dog’s Mental Health

Is your dog getting enough exercise? The answer is probably yes. But what about mental exercise? The answer is probably no! Most dogs do not get enough mental stimulation to keep them healthy and happy.

Clicker Training a Dog: The Simplest Most Misunderstood Method of Dog Training

What is clicker training? Heck, what is a clicker? Learn the secrets and common misconceptions surrounding the best way to train a dog.

How Can You Stop Your Golden Retriever Jumping?

It’s very cute when a new puppy dog jumps at you, but how adorable do you presume it is to have a full matured Golden Retriever jumping at you? Let me tell you – it’s not! Although a Golden Retriever jumping at you is typically a hint of playfulness or excitement, a full grown up dog is more than capable of causing harm and injuries to even a full grown adult person.

How to Stop Your Dog or Puppy From Chewing Its Bed

If your dog or new puppy likes to chew everything in sight, including its bed, then you are obviously going to have to look into buying a chew resistant dog bed, as not only is it very expensive to keep buying new beds, but also it can be dangerous for your dog to swallow the materials that are used to manufacture dog beds. Just because your dog is a chewer doesn’t mean he or she can’t have have a warm, comfortable bed of its own, but keep in mind that anti-chew dog beds are probably never completely indestructible.

Natural Remedies for Dog Bladder Infection Symptoms: Effective Natural Alternatives Are Available

When Athena, my 16-year old miniature poodle, seemed to be having difficulty urinating one day, I knew instinctively something was wrong. When she stooped down to urinate, she seemed to struggle, even whimper. She was in pain and I was helpless to provide comfort. When she went back inside, she drank what seemed like a gallon of water, only to struggle to urinate again an hour later with the same painful result.

Tips For Saving Money On Dog Food For Sale

Feeding dogs is a major expense. For those that own more than one animal, it can be quite common to go through several bags of food a month. Find out how you can save.

Understanding Ingredients in Dog Food: 3 Practical Tips

This article examines some excellent advice for deciphering the ingredients in a dog food label. It takes a non-scientific approach, staying away from explaining every last ingredient in a food label, and choosing to distill three key principles that will help any dog owner make a better judgment about dog food.

Enjoy a Relaxing and Safe Vacation With Your Dog

Consider these great tips to help you enjoy a fabulous vacation with your dog. Below are a few essential preparations that will help you create wonderful memories on your adventure with your pet.

Border Collie Chewing, Biting, and Nipping Problem

Border collies develop a biting habit since early age. Just as we like to inspect and touch things we’re unfamiliar with – border collies go around exploring the world around them using the one thing they can control best – their mouth.

How to Deal With Border Collie Whining

Border collies don’t make many different sounds, but all of them signify something. If your dog is whining, than he must need something, whine for attention or because he misses you or some other pet who maybe died or ran from home.

Dog Food Rating Systems: A Critique of the Points/Formula Method

This article looks at various methods that are used to rate the quality of dog food. A high dog food rating does not necessarily translate into a high quality dog food.

Designer Clothes For Dogs

Dog fashion has become big news. There is a whole range of wonderful clothes to dress up your dog or puppy. Choose from coats and jacket wonderful knitwear and T Shirts. Some practical, some just for fun. The choice is yours.

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