How To STOP Your Puppy From Biting You


Tips for How to Stop Your Dog’s Barking

Will dog barking be the end of your sanity? It doesn’t have to be! With these tips, you can stop the madness, finding that peace and quiet you deserve.

Can You Turn Your Pet Into a Service Dog?

In this post we’ll cover three different topics: – Can the general public turn their pet into a service dog? – If I am disabled, can I train my current pet to become my assistance dog? – What is the difference between “work” and “tasks” that service dogs perform?

Can You Train Your Own Service Dog?

Find out if it’s possible to train your own Service Dog. We’ll also discuss how long training usually takes and what the minimum requirements are.

The Empty Nest Is Now Filled With Puppies

A single mom finally has an empty nest with kids off to college. After a very short time the nest is filled with three puppies.

10 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Puppy

You’ve always had a soft corner for animals and now that you are an adult you’ve finally decided to bring home your own pet dog. You are all excited about this new addition to your family and can’t wait for the day when it will actually be home. But amidst all this joy, do stop to consider these crucial points. Bringing home that cuddly, furry ball will change your life in more ways than you can imagine.

Proper Area Rug Cleaning Techniques After a Puppy Accident

Owning a puppy often means things will get messy from time to time. Here are some area rug cleaning tips to keep your carpet looking brand new.

Lost Pets, The Numbers May Surprise You

Dogs and cats have been going missing since we first began domesticating them. Today’s numbers are startling and growing, what can we do?

Dog Thefts Are On The Rise – How To Keep Your Dog Safe

Every year, dog thefts and other pets have been rising globally. As a mama of furry children, terrifying and heartbreaking to learn. This loss is unmeasurable.

Pug – The Dignified Clown Dog

Pugs are small, but sturdy. This means that they withstand rough play from children.

A Personal Experience: A Successful Dog Rescue

This is a non-fiction account of a difficult rescue, that didn’t seem difficult at all due to my dog’s peppy personality. It takes place in a Southwestern town close to the border of Mexico, where Chihuahuas are theorized to have originated.

Why Is K9 Advantix An Ideal Parasitic Treatment For Dogs?

External parasitic infestations need our attention every now and then to keep our pets safe. K9 Advantix is the one treatment that destroys almost all external parasites along with the unique ability of repelling them. This can be an added advantage for us to maintain our budget and for our pets’ safety too.

Consider the Old English Sheepdog for the Family

The Old English Sheepdog is a gentle, sweet, adorable, but active family member. As most people know the breed was designed for herding or drover duties. This has resulted in a large dog with moderate exercise needs that loves to be with the herd (family).

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