How To Teach Your Dog to Ignore Food! (With Cesar Millan)


Dog Aggression Towards Other Dogs – How To Stop It Dead In Its Tracks

Dog aggression towards other dogs is scary for dog owners, the dogs themselves and by standers. Learn how to stop and prevent dog aggression towards other dogs by using these simple, yet overlooked tips.

Benefits That Your Dog Will Get From Homemade Dog Food

Healthy benefits that your pet dog will get from homemade dog food. This will be helpful if you really love you dog and you are paying attention on what they eat.

7 Tips For Separation Anxiety In Adopted Greyhounds, My Favorite Is No. 7

Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety and have difficulty dealing with situations where they find themselves alone. A retired racing greyhound that transitions into retirement as a house pet is particularly susceptible to separation anxiety. This anxiety stems from these retired racers suddenly finding themselves living as a house pet in a new place with unfamiliar people and without their racing mates, especially after spending their whole puppy and racing life with other greyhounds 24 hours a day, in surroundings that are familiar to them and with people, handlers and trainers with strict schedules.

How To Find a Good Pet Match

It is said that dog owners often show a resemblance (however uncanny!) to their pets, but according to new study it has been proved that they even have similar personality traits. In a study conducted on British dog owners, it was found that people tend to choose those animals that match and compliment their personality.

What Kind of Dog Is a Teddy Bear Puppy?

This article will give you basic information on Teddy Bear Dogs. Information will include disposition, breeding, appearance, and personality!

Car Safety for Dogs – Keep Your Puppy Safe While You Drive

Your pets are part of your family-why not keep them restrained in the car the same way you would for a human child? That way, they will be safe and you won’t be distracted while you’re driving.

The Top 7 Reasons to Crate Train Your Dog

Quite often I hear people say that they don’t want to use a crate because they feel that it might be cruel. I must say that there are situations where that crate could be a cruel thing to do to your dog. However if done properly it’s the most wonderful thing your dog will ever get from you. Let me give you some reasons why using a crate will be good for you and for your dog.

Sudden Dog Aggression

Today I want to tell you about something that you will run into at some point if you are a professional dog trainer. This doesn’t happen very often but now you will know what to do when it does.

Puppy Mill Dog Behavior Problems

It seems like every time I turn around I’m seeing another story about a puppy mill that is been raided and the dogs taken away from the owners. The authorities didn’t come in just because it was puppy mill, they came in because the dogs are usually living in deplorable conditions and with health issues. If you are one of the kind souls that would like to adopt one of these puppy mill dogs there are some things that you need to consider before doing that.

Is It Separation Anxiety or Boredom?

Separation anxiety is a serious problem that can create many problems for dogs and their owners. I have been helping dogs and owners for years with separation anxiety; in fact I have several vets who send me clients regularly.

5 Commands Every Dog Should Know

Every dog should know some basic commands. There are five commands that are really very important and could actually be lifesaving in an emergency situation. Every dog no matter its size or its age should you know these very basic commands.

The Great Chain Link Dog Kennel

Did you ever wonder why chain link dog kennels are so popular? Why not just buy the chain link, posts and all the supplies you need and do it yourself? Right?

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