How To Teach Your Dog To Walk To Heel In Seconds


Toilet Training Tips for Puppies and Young Dogs

Would you believe that not all potential owners realise that dogs don’t always come ready trained… and it can take anything from a couple of weeks to more than two months to completely toilet train a puppy or young dog. If you have the time and patience to devote to this of course it is not an issue, but it is reported that many of the dogs who end up in rescue pounds are there because the owners could not manage to house train them! You cannot be lazy and expect your dog to learn on its own! Like children, puppies, young dogs and some older dogs have the attention span of a gnat and live completely in the moment… so don’t expect them to remember everything after you’ve demonstrated just a few times.

Tips To Deal With The Loss Of A Pet

Given the intense bond we share with our pets, it is only natural to feel devastated with sadness and grief when a pet dies. Also this becomes inevitable as we humans live longer than our pets, so it is something you will have to deal at one point of time or the other.

Stop Your Puppy From Chewing

Does your puppy chew a little too much? It is important to train your puppy to stop chewing on everything in the house. With these tips you can successfully get your dog to stop chewing on everything he sees.

Tips on Hiring a Great Professional Dog Trainer

Hiring a professional dog trainer can be a tricky process because all dogs are not the same and use different training methods. This article will help show you how to select a trainer that can help you get the most out of your pet.

Curb Your Dog’s Excess Barking

Dogs bark as a means of communication. There is no way to completely stop your dog from barking, but you can curb some of his barking behaviors and learn to have him quit when you give a command. Follow these simple tips and you will be able to stop excessive barking from your four legged friend.

Exercising Your Dog Can Maximize Your Training

Dogs need proper exercise. Making sure you burn off excess energy can greatly impact the way your pet responds to your training efforts. Here are a variety of ways for dogs to get the exercise they need. Utilize these ideas to get your dog in shape and be able to train a calm, relaxed animal.

How To Keep Your Dog From Digging Up Your Garden

If you have given up on gardening because your dog has dug up all the plants you so painstakingly planted, this article is for you. Follow the tips given in this article to teach your dog to stay away from the garden and deter him from digging. Soon you will be enjoying time outdoors with your dog and your garden.

Male or Female? Which Is the Right Dog for You?

Some prefer one sex to the other, usually because of previous experiences. Others don’t care. They want a specific dog, and it’s sex doesn’t matter. So, what are the differences? Would pink or blue matter to you?

5 Strategies to Picking the Right Teddy Bear Dog Breeder

Five steps every person should make sure they complete before selecting a Teddy Bear Puppy. Choosing the right breeder can mean the difference between finding a happy healthy pup and having a nightmare experience.

A Look At Unique Pet Supplies For Dogs

If you have a pet, then you are undoubtedly in the market for pet supplies for dogs and plenty of them. If that is the case, you are in luck because there is a world full of pet products just waiting to be purchased and a lot of eager pets waiting to try them out.

6 Tips To Minimize Dog Aggression

Dog aggression is a serious and unfortunately very common problem. While extreme cases should be handled by a professional, dog owners can try these six tips to begin to address their dog’s aggression towards other dogs.

The Most Fearful Dog I Have Ever Seen

I have been a professional dog trainer for going on three decades and I must say this had to be the most fearful dog I had ever seen. I had a client call asking for help with her 3 year old German Shepherd that was so fearful if a stranger came in the same room it would urinate or defecate or both out of fear. In this article I want to tell you how we were able to get this dog to change it’s attitude.

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