How to Train Your Dog to STOP BARKING at EVERYTHING


Human Food That Dogs Can Eat and Some Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog

Yes, there are some human foods that are OK to share with your dog. There are also some foods you should never give to your best friend. You might just be surprised, I was!

My Dog Has Diarrhea

Dogs get diarrhea for various reasons. There are times when you need to rush to the veterinarian, and there are times you can use home remedies. There are 5 main reasons a dog gets diarrhea.

Kennel Pads – Knowing Your Options

For the best comfort your pet it is important to use kennel pads to help make this possible. Find out about your options before making your selection.

A Little Restraint, Please

If you have a dog that likes to pull you on walks, read this article. I will discuss the alternatives available to you that will help you to comfortably and effectively restrain your dog.

Pet Sitting Information

This is an article explaining the benefits of starting your own pet sitting business. It explains how you can make money while performing a service that you enjoy.

7 Steps for Cleaning Your Dogs Ears

It is very important to maintain your dog’s health. One of the things you need to do if you have a dog that does not shed, like a Australian Labradoodle, or if you have a dog that is prone to ear infections, is to clean their ears.

Clicker Training Your Dog

Training your dog basic obedience is a necessity to a happy healthy home! Just as we train our children, we much also train our puppies and dogs. There is a wealth of things your dog can learn, from jumping through a hoop, to ringing bells to potty, to not barking!

Which Method of Training Should I Use For My Dog?

Now that you are a dog owner, you know that dog training is something that will help keep your dog from chewing on everything in the house. What type of training is best? We’ll explain the differences between behavioral and obedience dog training, and give you some advice for your pet.

Dispelling Dog Myths

There are certain myths that have been heard in the world of canines that have been circulating for years. We would like to discuss some of the popular ones, including stories of wagging tails, wet noses, sick dogs, and healthy breeds.

How to Remove Your Dog’s Stains From Your Floor

Are you in the midst of potty training your new puppy and you find a major stain on the floor when your puppy decided to use the bathroom indoors instead of outdoors? We’ll explain the best way to clean your floors to prevent stains, and help you keep your sanity!

Teach Your Labrador to Retrieve

Retrieving is an important part of any gundog’s training. With an understanding of the basic signals and how to teach them, you can be much more confident about your Labrador’s ability to retrieve shot game. Here we discuss how to teach a Labrador to retrieve a dummy which is behind the dog, away from the trainer.

Insulated Dog Houses Provide Dogs With Ultimate Protection

Dogs are furry creatures but this doesn’t mean that they are exempt from buckling from extreme cold or panting from extreme heat. There are particular breeds that can’t endure temperature at very low degrees.

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