How We Can Save Dogs Lives Because Of You


How to Stop Your Dog From Itching and Scratching

Does your dog scratch or bite itself excessively? This is not normal and could indicate a deeper problem. Here are some of the ways you can stop your dog from itching and scratching and eliminate its skin problems.

A Dog Toy That’s Sure To Please Your Pup and You

Does your dog like plush toys or stuffed animals? Does he or she sometimes make a mess with those toys? Whether they mean to or not, plush toys often fall apart at the seams causing the stuffing to fall out on the carpet, chair or other hard to clean areas.

Getting Your Dachshund Puppy To Sleep Through The Night

So you have made the big decision to bring a dachshund puppy into your family. You bring him home and the first night he is crying and restless. What do you do? Follow the tips in this article to help get your puppy to sleep through the night.

Why Your Dog Eats Feces and What You Can Do To Stop It Now

Dogs unfortunately commonly eat their own feces, or another dog’s poop; it’s a very disturbing and frustrating behavioral problem for pet owners. The veterinary term for this is called coprophagia, and you may find some comfort in knowing that this is quite normal. This article will give you an understanding as to why dogs eat feces, along with what you can do at home to stop it.

The Untrainable Dog Syndrome

There are dogs who will just not do what their owners want them to do. They seem to be untrainable! But are they really?

Dog Problems – What Causes the Untrainable Dog Syndrome?

Some dogs seem to be barking for ever – no matter what you say or do. Others just don’t come when called whilst still others rear the place apart. Their owners feel helpless, not knowing what to do. How can things get to this stage?

Simple, But Practical Ways To Properly Care For Your Dog

Most people love to have pets around the house, especially dogs. If you will draw up a rough survey, you will probably notice that lots of people are dog owners. It’s time to find out more about cost of owning a dog, read this article now!

Some Things You Should Know About Choosing the Best Dog Food

Nutrition is important not only for us humans, but for our beloved pets as well. But sometimes it’s hard to know what to look out for, because every brand promises the best. So here are a couple of guidelines.

Teaching a Dog How to Come

Teaching a dog to come seems like an easy task, but it requires consistency, positive reinforcement, and lots of repetition. By taking the steps in this article, you will be able to correctly train your dog, and get your dog to remember how to come.

How to Live With Your Dog Happily and Healthily

A dog is not simply a pet, in many cases, it is an extended member of the family. That does not mean, however, that there are not going to be problems that can occur when you own a dog that will need to be addressed as quickly as possible.

The Sometimes Counter-Intuitive Nature of Dog Training

People love their dogs, and it’s easy to understand why. Dogs have a beautiful innocence and energy, and they look and act childlike in all the best ways.

Toxic Foods For Dogs – What NOT to Feed Your Dog

Many people don’t know that foods we eat on a regular basis could be toxic foods for dogs. This article will name common toxic foods for dogs and why they are toxic. It will help you be better informed the next time you decide to toss a “treat” to your dog. Some of the foods might surprise you because they are so healthy for us.

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