Japanese Akita – Top 10 Facts


Using Glucosamine And Chondroitin For Your Dog

Glucosamine and Chondroitin are extremely useful, not only when a dog is young and is learning how to get into a car, but also when it is older and suffering from arthritis. This article offers some more information on useful accessories. In particular, it talks about accessories that help a dog suffering from arthritis.

Cute Dog Dresses for Your Stylish Pup

Cute dog dresses are more than clothing for your pup. They’re a fashion statement. They make your special pet stand out in a crowd and they get both of you attention from everyone you meet.

The Surprising “Old School” Secret To Teach Coming When Called

School was awful. Elementary, middle and high school were torture for me. My grades were so bad I was put in a special room my junior and senior year.

Coconut Oil For Dogs

Organic coconut oil is so good for dogs in the same way it is for humans. The lauric acid in coconut oil gives it anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties which will keep our dogs looking and feeling great.

Which Breed of Dog Should I Get?

This is a very good question that people with little or no experience with dogs should but often do not ask. If you have decided to get a dog there are some important questions you should ask yourself and issues to think about to make sure you get a breed that’s right for you.

Clicker Training Your Pet

Clicker training falls under the rubric of operant conditioning. It is not a form of classical conditioning; instead, this form of animal training focuses on getting the animal to behave in a certain way by encouraging the target behavior. It is one of the most effective ways of teaching a pet to behave well, whether inside and outside of the home. If you don’t want to pay for costly obedience school lessons, you can take it upon yourself to train your pet during your free time.

Use A Tennis Ball Launcher for Dogs to Enhance Your Dog’s Survival Skills

If you live out in the country surrounded by prairies and wilderness and own more than a couple of hunting or survival dogs (e.g. German shepherd, husky, etc.), then a tennis ball launcher is a perfect device to spend your leisure time with. Since a lot of these dogs are already adept to the environment of hunting and survival, their knowledge and learning development can still be enhanced through the efficiency of dog ball launchers.

Kids and So-Called Dangerous Dogs

Is there such a thing as a dangerous dog, and should we be protecting our children from these dogs? Certain breeds of dogs seem to have a dangerous label because they have been historically bred to be aggressive, but many of these traits remain dominant today. We’ll look at other factors in aggressiveness such as exercise, socialization, training, and neutering.

Obesity in American Pets: Epidemic Proportions?

Just as humans struggle with weight problems, 54% of our pets are also overweight. Some of the underlying issues include less activity, high calorie snacks, and low quality foods for pets. We’ll give you some tips on how to keep your pet in great shape.

What New Dog Owners Need to Know About Dog Grooming Services

If you own a dog, you need to know the ins and outs of dog grooming businesses to select the best one for your buddy. Learn how to pick the right service.

Chihuahua Food Tips for Teacup Chihuahua Breeders

There are many things to be considered when thinking about your beloved Chihuahua’s dietary content and eating habits. This article goes over a few things to be considered and even has a few revelations that may be shocking to you.

Puppy Pampering

Leaving a dog home alone during vacation is always an ordeal for everyone involved. You need to find a trusted friend who has enough time to come over and care for your dog, make sure that said friend can cater to your dog’s specific dietary and playtime needs, you need to convince the kids that the pet will be fine on his own, and you constantly worry in the back of your head about what the house will look like when you get home. Did the dog get out enough, or are there mystery puddles somewhere in the house? Did the dog get too bored and decide that your sofa could use some “antiquing”? All this and more contributes to the desire to just bring the dog with you on vacation, which can easily present an entire new host of problems, especially if you had been planning on staying in a hotel, most of which do not allow pets.

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