Jealous Golden Retriever Reaction to Human Dad with Another Puppy


Most Common Dog Ailments

Just about every young child longs to have a puppy. There has always been an idyllic image in the mind of kids about being out romping around with their furry best friend tagging along. But if their parents aren’t “dog people” they inevitably here the same response to their constant pleas, “Sure you want a dog, but who is going to end up taking care of it?

Five Most Common Medications for Dogs

Domesticated animals simply cannot care for themselves. It is up to their owners to provide all the love and support they need.

Affordable Solutions to Pitbull Jumping That Work

The sight of a blue nose pitbull jumping on another human being is cause for alarm. To have a pitbull jumping on you is the equivalent of having a lion pounce on you at the circus while sitting in the audience. That the dog is trying to be friendly is irrelevant. Learn how to stop your pitbull jumping on you and others.

Dog Heart Disease – Know the Symptoms So You Can Act

Dog heart disease is something you should know about if you are a dog owner as heart failure is sadly a common consequence of the disease. Heart disease includes several types of conditions but they all ultimately have the same symptoms. Learn more about heart disease and how to keep your dog healthy.

How to Cope With Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Separation anxiety in dogs is a somewhat common problem, especially for those dogs that have never been left alone for long periods of time before. Don’t be discouraged if your dog seems to be having separation anxiety, there are several actions you can take to improve the behavior.

Top 3 Tips to Eliminate the Unnecessary Barking of Your Dog

As a pet owner, you have to be responsible and make sure that your dog’s behavior is not disturbing other people. Although barking is a normal behavior of dogs to warn you of potential intruder or danger, the unnecessary barking of your dog can be a real annoyance to others. Disturbing the peace of other people is a serious problem that could lead to civil and legal complaints. Learn to eliminate the unnecessary barking of your dog and save yourself from trouble and legal issues. The following tips can be very helpful to address the barking problem of your canine friend.

7 Tips for Caring for a Malnourished Dog – Environment, Food and Probiotics

It is often difficult to decide how to start bringing a malnourished dog back to proper health. However, by carefully following these steps, the dog will hopefully be living a healthy, normal life in no time.

10 Ways to Improve Your Dog’s Health and Happiness

Dogs have a need for a good quality of life, just like we do! A dog depends almost completely on their owner, so the quality of his/her life is in your hands. Here is a list of 10 ways to help increase your dog’s health and happiness… and ultimately lead to a better quality life.

Obedience Training for Dogs

There are a variety of dog training techniques that are being taught around the world. It is important to know which techniques you will be learning and applying with your dog before signing up to any dog training classes.

Dog Training Tips – Be a Consistent, Positive Pack Leader

The approach you take when dog draining is very important. If you’re negative about it, chances are that the training results will not be what you want them to be. However, if you get yourself in the right mindset, it is likely that your dog/puppy will grow up to be a well-mannered, easy to control animal. Follow these dog training tips and you’ll be moving in the right direction.

How to Protect Your Dog From Malignant Melanoma

A malignant melanoma tumor is often associated with cancer in dogs, but there are ways to prevent this from happening in your dog. We’ll review ways to take precautions through diet, exercise, water, sun exposure, and even other carcinogens that might be in contact with your dog.

Ear Mites in Cats – Symptoms and Treatment

If you notice that your cat is scratching his ears or shaking his head often, unfortunately he may have ear mites. Ear mites in cats are parasitic mites that infect the ears of cats; they can also affect dogs. Get the symptoms and treatment options!

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