Labradoodle vs Aussiedoodle; Which Poodle Mix Dog Breed Is Better?


The Proper Way To Punish Your Dog

Through time there have been many ideas on the correct way to punish a dog. Most of today’s dog trainers are complete opposites compared to their peers 50 or even 25 years ago.

A Wood Dog Crate Makes Your Pet Feel Royal

You live like royalty and have the best clothes, cars, furniture and food. So why let your best-friend live in a cheap crate? We’re talking about your dog. Instead of a plastic or metal box you should get a wood crate for your dog. Not only will a wood dog crate improve your dog’s mood, it will also fit anywhere in the house without looking out of place. If dogs could talk, they would tell you that pet-salon visits, blow-dried fur, expensive clothes and exotic meals pale in comparison to cozy, comfy, woody places that they can call their own.

More Than I Expected

It happened when I least expected it and it came about with a gesture that melted my heart. DJ likes being close to us, when she’s sitting on the couch body contact is a must for her, and most times it is endearing. Today however, as I sat ready to write this article which ironically was about her, she came and sat as close as she could and then rested her face on my chest.

Adopting a Dog? Don’t Forget These Helpful Reminders!

Pet adoption has become a popular alternative for people who would like to have a pet. This is because this option – as opposed to purchasing one by taking your pick among dogs in a pet shop – is seen as a way of upholding animal rights.

Dog Crate Training Techniques

I highly recommend crate training your dog. You will find using a crate for your dog has many advantages over letting him have free access to your house or apartment.

Learn 4 Important Puppy Tips and Raise a Healthy Dog

Bringing home a puppy is exciting but you need to be prepared. Learn some great puppy tips to help make your new family member comfortable, healthy and happy!

Best Gold Coast Beach To Exercise Your Dog

The Gold Coast has numerous pet friendly areas to exercise your dog; it’s also pet friendly when it comes to bringing your pooch on holiday with you, with many off leash dog parks. Palm Beach would have to be one of the best locations on the Gold Coast to walk your dog. It’s here in quiet Palm Beach on the southern end of the Gold Coast where ‘dog heaven is’. You can enjoy water sports, go fishing and bring the family and the family pet all in the same location.

Leash Training Your Labrador

Leash Training is easier than expected. Please read on to learn about some methods in order to accomplish this task.

Labrador Grooming

Now that you have purchased your new Labrador puppy, you need to groom him on a regular basis. Read on to gather some handy grooming tips.

How To Get Your Dog To Stop Being Possessive Around His Food Bowl

Feeding your dog is something that your dog loves, and being around your dog while he is eating should also be something that he loves. Find out how to condition your dog to love you being around him when he eats.

People Love Dogs Then and Now

The DNA structure of the color combinations found in Italian greyhounds are studied for a hundred of times already. And so far they have not come up with anything more specific than probable suggestions as to how and why the different colors are formed.

Teaching A Dog To Walk On A Leash

What we talk about here applies to young dogs and the core is to leave your dog a loose leash. That will make both you and your dog happy. Rome wasn’t built in a day. You need persist this training until your dog successfully walk along with you.

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