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The Power of Rewards and Punishments in Dog Training

Understanding rewards/punishments when training your dog is key to a healthy relationship. This article explains why they are important, how your dog sees them, and how you are doing it whether you are aware of it or not.

Separation Anxiety in Dogs Reading the Signs

You often hear people talking about their dogs as though they were children, and while the notion may seem a little odd to some, there is actually a similarity in the way that the two behave. Children have to be taught right from wrong in the same way that a puppy does and they both can also become fearful and anxious when they are out of your sight. This is known as separation anxiety and with kids it’s easy to read the signs.

The Secrets To Dog Training

It is the goal of every dog owner to have a pet that is obedient and well-behaved in every situation. The problem is that very few folks actually take the time to lay down the laws of the home and teach their dog how to behave. Training should start the moment your new dog enters the house, making sure that every member of the family is on board with the rules as they apply to the new family member.

How To Relieve Hot Spots in Dogs

In this article you are going to learn about how to relieve hot spots in dogs. Hot spots is a painful skin condition that affects dogs of all breeds and sizes and in this article you are going to learn what causes the condition in the first place and how to treat it.

Why Dogs Need a Coat in Winter

An article detailing when it’s important to see if a dog needs a coat in winter. Contains advice on how to decide if your dog needs a coat and what to look for.

Top Dog Training Tips for Your German Shepherd

German shepherds are friendly, energetic dogs that get along well with other animals and people. However, training this breed of dog requires particular attention, especially when the dog is young, to ensure that your pet is fun and safe to be around.

Are Wolves or Foxes Ancestors of Today’s Companion?

It is commonly believed that today’s domestic dog descended from wolves. We will explore other theories about which animals may be the ancestor of our best friend.

Caring for a Litter of Puppies

Puppies are adorable and everyone loves them. In order to have a successful, healthy litter of puppies, a number of rules must be adhered to. We will review some of the most important things to keep in mind to have healthy, happy puppies.

Enrolling Your Puppy in an Obedience Class

Bringing a new puppy into the home is an enjoyable experience for the family. In order to maintain a happy household and a successful relationship with your dog, obedience classes are important. We will discuss the many reasons for proper training.

Helping Your Dog Get Along With Other Family Pets

Many families like to have various pets to make their home feel more lively and loving. We will talk about ways to achieve peace in a household with numerous types of pets.

History of Man’s Best Friend

Dogs love their owners unconditionally and expect only love in return. When did man and dog become best friends? We will discuss the history of the bond between man and his best friend.

Holiday and Winter Hazards and Your Pets

The holidays are a time of joy but they also bring a lot of activity and unusual items into your home. We will review the items that cause the most danger so that you and your dog can have a save and healthy holiday season.

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