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Miniature Australian Shepherd Breeders

Miniature Australian Shepherd breeders today continue to make the effort to produce a reflection of the Australian Shepherd in size without compromising their ability or personality. These animals are very brilliant, easy to train and love sports, needs a lot of energetic training and some actual work to do in order to remain active.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Professional Pet Sitting Service?

When the noisy, crowded boarding kennels are too much for your pets, consider a different option! In-home pet care is a great alternative, allowing your dogs, cats, and other pets to stay at home comfortable and safe during your trips. Professional, insured and bonded pros have services ready to provide love, companionship, feedings and home care in the comfort of your pet’s home.

Ferdinand – The Dog Who “Should Never Have Been”

Ferdinand is a six year old tri colored Smooth Collie. His sire and dam are both former top 10 Smooth Collie show dogs.

My Roommate Is a Pit Bull!

Lately I have visited many websites while looking to find some general information about the Pit Bulls. Pit bulls may consider themselves as lap dogs! They might also have the impression that they are really small dogs.

Facts You Need to Know About Australian Shepherds

Find out what he’s like, his attributes and how he acts. It is very important to know about these things. This will help you to think twice before getting an Australian Shepherd as your pet.

Dog Grooming Supplies Info

The types of dog grooming products that you need are going to depend upon your dog. Every dog, whether he’s a hunting dog who loves to roll in the dirt or a little princess laptop who simply takes a prance down the street, will need some basic grooming.

You Think You Know Aggressive Behavior in Dogs?

If you think you know your dog and how it behaves then think again. How you see your dog is only part of the story. It’s more important to realize that how other people see your dog is critical to dog handling. What you see as playful and harmless fun may come across as threatening and potentially dangerous behavior to others. Take a look at a couple of examples of how your dog could be misunderstood.

Help Your Dog Deliver Her Puppies: What You Need to Know

Your family dogs pregnancy is closing in on the 63 day gestation period. There are many thing you need to prepare for this event in advance.

Early Socialization and Physical Development of the Newborn Puppy

Your newborn litter of puppies will begin the socialization process within his litter and from his mother. Not all mothers are gentle and kind.

The Female Family Dog: When Your Little Girl Becomes a Woman

Your female dog will first go into ‘heat’ between 6-9 months of age and will generally go in ‘season’ for mating twice a year (usually spring and fall). There are 4 stages of the reproductive cycle which lasts approximately 21 days.

Obedience Is Happiness in Dogs!

One of the most rewarding sights for a dog owner is to see their dog excited and happy to see them. Although it seems like most dogs offer unconditional love and are happy with the simplest of things, in fact the quality of their existence depends on knowing that they’re doing their job well. They have one purpose in life – to follow your bidding. Here are some of the reasons that lead to misunderstandings on that front.

Why Are Timber Dog Kennels So Popular?

Dog owners who are interested in buying kennels will have noticed that there are different types and styles to choose from and various materials that are popular. Timber dog kennels are one of the most well loved types and when you consider all of their plus points it is easy to see why. Perhaps you are trying to decide between a dog kennel made from timber and one that is made from another material, such as plastic.

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