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Beware of Foods That Are Bad for Dogs

Dogs are considered to be man’s best friend and as such there are some who would feed them like they are real men, but unfortunately though, the food given to them may be foods that are bad for dogs instead of being considered as treats. The good intention is there but unfortunately, dogs are not human beings. It might make the dogs ill or it may even become a cause of death.

How to Effectively and Safely Stop Dog Aggression

There are various ways to stop dog aggression. When you have a pet dog at home, it is important to properly take care of your dog and train him on proper behavior to avoid dog aggression. Taming an aggressive animal is not that difficult if you love dogs and you are willing to spend your time and some effort in training them.

Simple Ways to Stop Dog Biting

There are various ways to stop dog biting and nipping. You can train your dog or you can also consult an expert dog trainer to know the best and most effective way to control and train it. Some people commit the mistake of hurting their dog whenever the pet bites or nips a little.

Finding the Best Large Dog Bed for Your Large Dog

There is a lot to think about when purchasing a dog bed for your large dog. All dogs need a good bed, but with a large dogs there are many more considerations.

How to Teach Your Dog to Fetch

Learning how to teach your dog to fetch is a great way to have fun with them. It helps you and your dog to bond and is very beneficial to their overall health and yours as well. It is a great way for both you and your dog to exercise.

How To Naturally Calm an Anxious or Stressed Dog

Does your dog get anxious during a thunderstorm, car rides, or at the vet? Many dogs struggle with anxiety at different levels. There are several treatments for dog anxiety and stress, but the hard part is finding natural treatments that work.

How Dog Socialization Improves Your Dog’s Obedience

There are great ways to have dog wellness but the most important and beneficial for your dog and you as the owner will be the obedient dog trained from the obedience training. This is important as well as your dogs grooming as part of its wellness. A happy and friendly dog is one that is trained and well taken care of by its owner for all its needs, grooming, exercises and dog socialization aside from food of course.

How Dog Socialization Can Stop Dog Aggression

Aggressive behavior in your canine must be understood that which is best in curtailing it. Aggression is just a natural instinct for all dogs. Dogs that are domesticated have minimized the trait but this instinct is still present.

Why Dog Socialization Is Needed for Problematic Dogs

Have you ever experienced owning a dog that has problems with getting along with other dogs, pilgrimage or with any animal for that matter? Such a dog is that way because it has never properly mingled with other dogs within the timeframe of the dangerous period of dog socialization.

Tips To Help Dog Socialization

Dogs are sometimes like humans and that they want to socialize in order that they may know and understand the skills needed to help them live well with other dogs and people. If you have only one dog it will be a little bit hard for your dog to get socialize with other dogs because it does not have any playmate. You will also need to have your dogs trained at the dog socialization clinic.

How Dog Socialization Can Help a Problematic Dog

The breed of dogs is widely known to have different behavior or attitude and this is due to their strong genetic characteristics of their breed. Like for example the sheepdogs that guard and lead sheep are born with the capability to herd or guard livestock and the gundogs that have the natural acceptance of being able to take some loud noise like the gun shots. But other dogs cannot do these things and it really depends upon the breed of the dogs.

Fearful or Shy Dog – Tips to Train for Dog Socialization

Is your dog fearful and shy? When your dog is very much attached with you, and very wary of strangers, your dog may go snapping and growling as well as barking at unfamiliar dogs and people who get very close to it. Your friends may say that your dog is a ‘one- man dog’ however it is a fearful or shy dog.

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