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Considerations Before Choosing A Dog

The best guarantee for a happy life with your dog is to be prepared on what is coming up to you. In this article I am trying to show the main things to consider before choosing a dog.

Interactive Dog Toys

If there is anything that dog’s love almost as much as their owners, it has to be playing around and having a lot of fun especially with interactive dog toys. A lot of dogs, even those who seem very stern and serious, or those who are from working breeds, often find it very hard to resist the urge to play especially with their owners and the rest of their family members. Much like us humans, our pets also want to spend a lot of time trying to relax, and have a good time.

Kennel Cough – How to Properly Treat Your Dog

Kennel cough is a common condition in dogs. Learn what kennel cough is and the ways how your dog can be protected against it.

Rabies in Dogs: The Different Stages of Rabies and Its Symptoms

Rabies virus can affect the brain and spinal cord of the animal infected. The most common animals infected with this virus include dogs, cats, other wildlife, and humans.

Healthy Rinses For Dogs’ Skin and Coat

Keeping your dog’s skin and coat healthy and looking good can be challenging at times, especially if your dog has any skin problems. It’s not uncommon for dogs to have dry skin, itchiness, or redness from irritation or allergies. While it’s always essential to find the underlying causes of any skin problems, and this may involve working with your veterinarian to identify an allergy to to get rid of fleas, there are some healthy rinses you can apply to your dog’s skin and coat for temporary relief.

Tips on Traveling in an RV With Your Dog

RV travel with pets is quite popular these days. According to a 2007 survey, 57 percent of RV owners took their pets with them when they hit the road. With a little planning you and your pet can have a great time together when you head out in your RV.

Control Fleas and Ticks on Dogs With K9 Advantix

The article is about topical spot-on medicine called K9 Advantix that eliminates fleas and ticks on dogs. K9 Advantix is among the most preferred products for effective flea & tick control. The article will help dog owners to understand the benefits, safety and caution related to K9 Advantix.

5 Pug Personality Traits To Be Aware Of Before Getting One

Every dog is unique in the way that they act, but certain breeds do tend to have certain characteristics that are associated with them and just appear to be part of who they are. What follows are five pug personality traits that are very common within this breed and it does pay you to know about them prior to owning one as this will let you see what you are letting yourself in for.

Luxating Patella in Dogs

Luxating patella is essentially a displacement or dislocation of the patella (also known as the knee cap) from its normal position in the groove at the end of the femur (the trochlea). The patella is at the lower end of the quadriceps group of muscles and is attached to the tibia by means of the patellar tendon. The patella normally moves up and down in this groove but should not move out of the groove to either side. When it does move out of the groove, it is called a luxating patella. Movement out of the groove to the inside of the groove is called a medial luxation and movement out of the groove to the outside is called a lateral luxation. The underside of the patella and the femoral trochlea are each covered with a smooth thin articular cartilage which protects the joint.

10 Tips to Treat Your Dog’s Depression

Does your pup suffer from depression? Here are a few tips to help him get out of his/her funk.

In Search Of A Mobile Dog Grooming Service

Looking for the perfect dog grooming solution for you pet? Look no further than a mobile dog grooming service that’ll accommodate all your pet needs. Mobile dog grooming services offer the same kind of service most dog grooming salons offer but are mobile so you don’t need to bring your pet to their location.

Moving With Your Dog

This article has 10 tips on how to make moving with your dog as easy as can be. It also gives a site where dog products can be found that can help in the moving process.

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