Pomeranian Dog Breed 101; #1 Cutest Dog Breed In the world


Pet Health Care – Why You Should Bring Your New Puppy To The Vet

Spring is new puppy time and the warmer weather often inspires people to make a four-legged addition to the family. Once decisions have been made about which breed and gender you want and your new canine companion has been introduced into its new home, it is time to take your puppy to a first pet health check-up with your vet.

What You Need To Know About Heartworm and Prevention

Heartworm disease is a serious condition that affects dogs and other animals. It is spread by mosquitoes and it occurs in all fifty states in the U.S. Left untreated, it can be deadly.

What Is Lyme Disease and How Prevalent Is It in the US?

Is your dog in danger of getting Lyme Disease? We’ll show you the states where it is most prevalent, where it comes from, the symptoms to be aware of, and what action to take when you suspect your dog might have Lyme Disease.

What Is Littermate Syndrome and How Can a Dog Owner Avoid Re-Homing?

While it may be tempting to bring home two puppies at the same time, you run the risk of littermate syndrome, which is a very serious problem. We’ll explain what is littermate syndrome, what are some of the problems associated with it, and how to solve the problem if you are absolutely positive you want to have two puppies at the same time.

Wireless Dog Fence – Some Basic Information

If you are looking for ways to allow your dog to enjoy all the freedom and at the same time keep your dog within certain boundaries, a wireless dog fence is the best option. The dog will not need any leash and is not going to be restricted by any physical boundary.

Dog Training Tips That Promote Good Behavior In Dogs

There are many dog training tips, depending on the kind of things you want the animal to get used to. It is advisable to train it when it is still young. This makes it much easier to adapt to new habits and carry them on as it grows.

A Few Tips About Dog Obedience Training

Dogs can make fantastic pets, but without proper training, you may find that your dog’s behavior is not always be completely predictable. Dog obedience training is a great method to promote a dog’s compliance with commands and to eliminate some of that unpredictability. Teaching obedience will allow you to maintain better control of your dog, inside and outside the home, making the interaction between you and your dog much more pleasant.

Love Me Like I Love You

“Love Me Like I Love You” is an article that describes a dog’s love for her owner, and how she would like to be loved by getting a new dog house. Her interpretation of the type of house, placement of the house, and bedding is useful information for any dog owner.

Stop Pit Bull Aggression – How To Maintain the Alpha Role – Best Training Tips

Pit Bull’s make wonderful pets when given the proper training and do not deserve their aggressive reputation. They are however a breed that likes to be dominant, but with the right techniques, an owner can quickly learn how to hold and maintain the Alpha Role in the pack. Furthermore, find out why both clicker training and obedience classes assist a Pit Bull owner in obtaining this dominant position.

Tips On Taking Care Of Your Dog

I’m sure that all of us who own dogs can agree that they can be a real treat to have around the home. The truth of the matter is, however, if you aren’t taking care of them as far as bathing is concerned, they can be rather stinky as well. That is why it is important for you to understand how to wash a dog properly because it is something that can be done at home relatively easily.

The Bernese Mountain Dog – A Swiss Treat!

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a wonderful family dog, which is intelligent, great with kids and will tow you around in a cart, if you like. How great is that! But read on to learn more about the dog whose roots go back to the Romans.

Swollen Ears in Dogs Are a Big Problem

Ear problems in dogs can be multilayer. An abrupt change can actual be from a chronic problem. Information is the key,

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