Pomeranian – Top 10 Facts


Simple Facts About Dog Crates

The best thing about taking care of dogs is that they will love you if you love them back. A lot of people choose to take care of them, because they are fun loving animals and they protect you from any harmful situations that threaten your safety. Just like humans, they also need a place where they can feel at home and safe. This is the main reason why most pet owners invest in good dog crates. You can’t bring your pets with you all the time, so you need a place where they can stay while you are away.

How to Become a Good Dog Trainer

Learning how to become a dog trainer can be both exciting and tough, but the first thing you have to ask yourself is whether you are interested in training dogs. Another thing to consider is whether you are willing to work with people, because the training required to become a dog trainer obviously involves interacting with people who will do the training. The type of teaching depends on what level of skills you want to achieve. Most people would like to teach just their domestic buddies. Even with your own dogs, the teaching requires time.

Benefits of Oatmeal Shampoo on Dogs

If you own a dog then you are well aware of some of the problems that dogs can suffer from, including dry itchy skin, dandruff, skin irritations, such as flea or tick bites, hot spots, etc. All of these conditions will serve to irritate your dog, causing him to scratch, roll around on the floor and even bite at the irritated area.

Outdoor Dog Gear for Your Active Pet

Do you live a very active life? Is hiking and boating some of your favorite activities? Does your dog like to tag along with you?

Optimal Glucosamine Dosage For Your Dog’s Arthritis

If you have an older dog, he or she may be affected by arthritis, which is a common problem in older dogs. One effective solution is glucosamine, a supplement that has been proven to be effective in fighting this problem.

Clicker Training Your Dog Is Easy

Clicker training is a simple easy to follow method used to train your dog to basic commands. It is a positive reinforcement method that uses a clicker and treats as rewards for correct behavior.

How Long Is Too Long To Leave A Raw Dog Food Diet Out?

The preservation of meat and fish is a science that has evolved for centuries. The purpose of preservation is to allow food to be stored for longer periods of time without risk of spoiling. Preserving food is a critical step to ensure abundance during certain times of the year when food is scarce.

Skin Care for Dogs

Skin health issues among dogs are among the most common problems encountered by owners and, in many instances, the most complicated to treat. These canine skin disorders vary in severity, frequency and duration from acute issues requiring little to no care beyond proper hygiene to chronic problems requiring lifetime treatment involving topical, oral and even surgical means.

Dog Games

Do you want to help your dog develop its senses, instead of just exercising its body? Well, with the help of a professional dog behaviourist, you can get your dog to listen to you. By introducing your pet to challenging and fun dog games, your dog will get to improve its memory and focus.

Things to Consider When Buying Dog Clothing

Since a number of people would love to pamper and dress their dogs up, here is a list of the different things that you should consider if you’re trying to buy the dog clothing for your dog. These few tips will indeed help you in finding the perfect outfit for your dog. By the means of these pointers and tips, finding dog specialized garments has never been this easier and faster.

Choosing The Right-Sized Crate For Your Dog

This article is a simple guide for determining the size of kennel your dog needs. And why it is imperative to understand why your canine friend needs the perfect home.

What You Need to Know About Maltese Puppies

Maltese puppies belong to the toy family of dogs and are referred to as such because of their size. A Maltese puppy can be a wonderful addition to your family.

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