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Dog Training: 8 Things Your Dog Really Doesn’t Like About You

We all want our dogs to be our best friends, but when it comes to dog training it’s not just our pets that need to make adjustments. If you could hear your dog then here are a few things he or she thinks you could improve on…

Important Factors to Consider When Looking for An English Bulldog

English bulldogs are delightful dogs, small and bulky in size, families around the world turn to these flat-faced bundles of joy to add to their family. But there are many important factors to take into consideration before you make the call to that English bulldogs for sale advertisement.

English Bulldog Breeders – What to Look For to Make Sure You Choose the Best

Choosing a dog breeder is an exceptionally daunting experience. When choosing an English bulldog breeder there are certain factors to take into consideration. These dogs are not only one of the most expensive breeds, they are also known for their health problems and rebellious natures, which means you need to choose with care to ensure you get a healthy pup that will become a welcome addition to your family moving forwards.

Why Do Dogs Feel The Need To Howl?

It’s no secret that all dogs bark, whine, whimper and cry. Dogs communicate in these ways, and they are actually quite normal. However, you might forget that howling is something that dogs do too. Many dogs don’t do it often, but believe it or not, even your dog can howl, just like a coyote or a wolf.

Training An Old Dog: Is It Possible?

You may have been told that it is impossible to teach an old dog new tricks and commands, but that is entirely untrue. In fact, many dogs are willing to learn at just about any age because they love the attention that they receive. If you have decided to adopt a dog from a shelter that is not a puppy, you can start working on the training process as soon as your bring it home. You may be surprised to see that the dog does understand some basic commands.

Make Sure Your Dog Is Getting Enough Exercise

What do you usually do on Saturday afternoons? Do you often find yourself sitting on the couch watching TV while your dog naps next to you? If this sounds familiar, you need to make a few changes to your lifestyle and exercise more. If you do not take action, you and your dog might end up overweight.

Is It Safe To Give Rawhide Chews To Dogs?

It is widely known that lots of dogs enjoy chewing on rawhide products, but recently there has been significant debate as to their safety. The concern is not unfounded.

Is A Dog Friendly Just Because It Wags Its Tail?

In the past people understood much more about animals than they do today. People knew how to read animals’ “body language”. However, if you tell someone today that cows, pigs, and goats have body language they will probably laugh at you pretty hard. The lack of contact with animals in our modern society has caused the general population to be somewhat ignorant in regards to them.

How To Decide If You Should Adopt A Dog From The Shelter

There are plenty of dogs currently living in animal shelters all across the country. They are desperately looking for a new start at life, especially if they have been abandoned by their original owners. With so many dogs available for adoption, you may wonder if you should adopt one. Before you adopt a dog, consider the pros and cons below.

Have Your Children Help With The Dog Training

It is not uncommon to hear about some dogs who feel like they need to compete with the children who live in the home instead of listening to them. Those who want to avoid this problem should have their children help out with the training process as soon as they get the dog. Not only does the dog learn to respect each child, but the children will learn how to care for the dog.

Bringing A New Puppy Into Your Home

If you have ever adopted a dog before, you know that bringing your new puppy home is a very exciting moment. The first night after you bring your puppy home is always filled with laughter and with opportunities to bond with your new pet. It is best to plan everything before you bring your puppy home so that this first night together is a stress-free experience for your new pet.

Adding a Doggy Door to Your Home

Having a doggy door is a great idea because it is convenient. When your dog feels the need to go to the bathroom, it can head right out the door to the backyard without bothering you. There are times when you may be in the middle of something and do not have the time to get up and open the door, so it makes sense to have a door available for your dog to get through. Even if your dog just feels it needs some fresh air, it can head on out through the doggy door at any time.

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