Puppy Crate Training SECRET #1 !


Are All Dog Kennels the Same?

People who will put their dogs outside at any time will know that providing them with a kennel is the norm. A dog must be able to shelter from the weather in its kennel which means that dog kennels need to be durable and tough enough to be weather proof. As kennels are kept outside most people will assume that they are all pretty much the same as each other, but is this the case?

Is Your Dog a Wheelchair Candidate?

Is your dog or pet a wheelchair candidate? Many of us ask this when we have a disabled dog. First, is your dog in unmanageable pain? I feel this is the most important question.

How to Teach a Dog to Roll Over – A Question Not So Easy to Answer

It’s not always that easy to learn how to teach a dog to roll over or do any other trick that you want. The success of your teachings often depend of the specific specimen. The worst thing is that dogs are not like people, they do not understand the human language.

Keep Your Pets Happy and Entertained With Dog Toys

Dogs are our honest companions. Some dogs even love their owners more than they love themselves. Dogs are absolutely fun to be with and we keep them as company. But what happens whenever you are not around? What can a dog do to keep itself entertained?

8 Creative Ways to Fit Dog Training Into Your Busy Lifestyle

The fact is that most of us lead pretty busy lives. It’s hard to fit in dog training with work, family obligations, kids sports, and running errands. Week after week my clients admit to “cramming” right before class. They haven’t found the time to put into training their dogs all week and then practice like crazy the day before coming to their lesson.

How to Deal With Arthritis in Dogs by Using Natural Supplements

Dealing with arthritis in dogs can be difficult, and medical treatment can be extremely expensive. However, there is also a natural solution in the form of supplements that can be fed to the dog to regenerate its cartilage and improve its mobility. This article is here to offer more information on this.

Pet Therapy – Improving the Quality of Life

Pets in general are beneficial for people because they offer companionship, acceptance and loving contact. However, a study from the Journal of American Geriatrics demonstrates that “seniors living on their own who have pets tend to have better physical health and mental well-being than those who don’t.”

Don’t Give Your Dachshund Back Problems By Picking Them Up The Wrong Way

Don’t run the risk of injuring your Dachshund or giving them back problems just because you try to pick them up. Your dog has a very special spine that you need to give a great deal of extra attention. Back, neck and spine problems can develop if the spine is twisted, turned or bent in an unusual way. Picking up your pet can cause spine damage if it is done incorrectly. Back problems can be costly to you and painful to your dog, learn the correct way to pick them up and reduce the possibility of injury.

Foods That Trigger Allergies in Dogs

It is believed that about half of American dogs have some sort of allergy issues. Of this overwhelming number of dogs suffering from allergies, is estimated that 10 to 20% of all dog allergies are in fact food-related. Symptoms of Dog Food Allergies Adverse reactions to food ingredients can manifest by skin conditions, respiratory, gastrointestinal (GI), neurological or blood reactions.

Bladder Infection – How to Tell If Your Dog Has One

Dogs and cats both can develop bladder infections. The main concern is finding out why they have a urinary tract infection.

How to Sell a Puppy Online?

How to sell a puppy using the internet? Too often, a person’s finances can take a hard turn. They downsize their house, work longer hours, and have less energy for personal matters. Puppies, especially, have a difficult time of it.

The Electronic Dog Repeller Is A Very Misunderstood Tool

Amongst the many tools of non-lethal self-defense there may be none more misunderstood than the electronic dog repeller. Hopefully this article will help clear up any misconceptions about this wonderful device.

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