Puppy Training For A Stress Free Evening


Tips for Housebreaking Your Dog

Housebreaking your dog is a difficult but necessary undertaking. You certainly don’t want to have your canine using various areas of your home as his bathroom. Here are a few tips for housebreaking your dog.

Tips For Crate Training Your Puppy

If you’ve just gotten a new puppy, then it’s vital that you begin to train it during the early stages of its life. Everything that it learns now will play a role in how it acts later. Spend your time getting it right in the beginning and you’ll be a much happier pet owner in the future.

Bull Terrier Training Tips That Work

If you have been thinking about getting a bull terrier puppy, it is essential to have the right bull terrier training tips. Bull terriers make excellent pets, and if you are looking for a wonderful and friendly dog who enjoys the company of people, then this might just be the breed for you. These dogs make the ideal companions, and they have a real following of fans both in the United Kingdom and in the United States.

5 Natural Dog Arthritis Tips Every Dog Owner Needs To Know

Dog arthritis is one of the most common reasons pet owners see a veterinarian. Unfortunately the only option many owners are given is to treat their dog with potentially toxic anti-inflammatory medication. This article will give you my top 5 natural dog arthritis solutions that you can use on your dog at home.

Important Things to Consider When You Buy Dog Food

Buying dog food can be a bit of a nightmare. After all there are so many brands on the market, all claiming to be the best possible food, “complete nutrition” and so on. There are also many television and print advertisements, all showing happy and healthy dogs and screaming to you to buy their brand ahead of any other.

Free Pit Bull Puppies

Whenever you see free pit bull puppies advertised, you should always question whether these are purebred pups or if they are indeed a mixed breed. Another consideration to take into account is how the free pit bull puppies were raised.

Staffy Puppy Training Tips

If you have recently gotten a staffy, you will want to invest some time into proper staffy puppy training. Staffordshire bull terriers are fast becoming a popular breed of dog both in the UK and US. These dogs are exceptionally smart, people friendly, and full of energy. With proper training, your puppy can grow into a well-behaved, respectable pet.

Outdoor Dogs In The Winter

Here is a quick checklist to make sure that your outside dogs are warm and healthy through the winter. Follow this easy advice and you will have one happy dog.

Tips for Calming an Anxious Dog

Just as humans, dogs also become stressed for a large amount of reasons including separation, travel, loud noises, unfamiliar house guests, and many others. When a dog becomes stressed, or anxious, the dog will generally bark excessively, eliminate himself, become inappropriately aggressive as well as excessively chew and scratch.

Well-Trained Dogs Are Happy Dogs

Dog training is a commitment by you to do the right thing for your dog so the relationship between the two of you is joyous and loving rather than distressing and uncomfortable. Some common negative behaviors dogs can display are being rambunctious, over-enthusiastic, and overly playful. When this is a dog’s daily behavior, the “pack” suffers because their daily experience with the dog is not calm and loving.

The 10 Most Popular Pet Dog Breeds

Dogs are definitely a man’s best friend which is why a lot of people have dogs in their homes. The thing is, there are a lot of dog breeds and if it is your first time to get one, you would surely be able to have a hard time picking one. In case you need some help, here are some of the popular pet dog breeds that you might want to consider…

Tips for Using a Dog Training Leash

When you get a dog, it’s important that you get a leash to use for him too. It’s usually required by law to have your dog on a leash in most areas. You need to start things off by getting the right one for your dog.

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