Puppy Wakes Up a Golden Retriever


Stress In Dogs

Is your dog stressed out? This guidance will help.

An Introduction to Home Dog Biscuit Recipes

All it takes to make up some great dog biscuit recipes are simple ingredients that you have at home and a bit of creativity inspired by your loyal friend. In as little as 30 minutes you can mix up a batch of dog cookie dough and bake some fabulous treats that your dog will be sure to love. You might be wondering if your homemade baked treats would be just as good as those you purchase at the pet store.

Blindness in Dogs – Is There Any Hope After the Diagnosis?

My dog went blind when she was 10 years old. We were all very confused and upset by this new diagnosis and were at odds with how we could continue to give her the best life. With some great advice from our Vet and a lot of research I have complied an easy list of to do’s to make the transition as easy as possible.

Dog Walking Rituals for Dog Walking Heaven

If you ever lie in bed in the mornings wishing someone else would walk your dog then this article is for you. Taking the dog for a walk can be a positive and motivating experience for you both. So why not greet it as an opportunity to introduce a few new dog training rituals into your relationship. At the end of the walk you’ll have built a positive foundation for your day and your dog will be exercise and happy (and less likely to chew the furniture)…

How To Potty Train a Puppy – Things to Remember?

Bringing home a puppy can light up a home. These cute, little pets are good company, especially if you are living alone. They can help ease your stress, as you play with them. This is the reason why many people are fond of dogs as a pet. However, starting to take care of a puppy is not a piece of cake.

Dog Crates: What Kind to Buy?

Are you looking to purchase a dog crate for your best friend but feeling overwhelmed with all the options out there? Here is a list of options that will help you decide.

The Gentle Method of Dog Obedience Training

Dog lovers shopping around for a successful, fast way of training Man’s Best Friend can find that success in clicker training. This introduction to clicker training sets you off on the right foot, and results are nothing short of amazing. Worldwide, people of all ages (as young as 8!) are having success with this method of teaching your dog to behave well.

Man’s Best Friend – Preventative Carpet Cleaning Tips for Dog Owners

Has your dog relieved itself on your carpet or rug? Here are perhaps some of the reasons why the family pet might have committed the egregious crime and, better yet, some tips on how to prevent such accidents in the first place…

The Search For Dog Kennels And Runs Ends In Much More

In 2009, the Central Vermont Humane Society was facing a problem of too few dog kennels and runs. Simply put, they had run out of available space.

10 Common Excuses For Giving A Pet Away – How To Re-Think These Excuses

We have all heard stories of dogs being abandoned out in the country. I recently watched a video of a man abandoning a dog outside a store. His actions were captured by a security camera. Fortunately, these actions are not typical. The vast majority of people of people who feel the need to remove a pet from their family take their pet to a local animal shelter–along with an excuse for why they can’t keep their pet. While these people believe their own excuses, the reality is that there are alternative ways to view each situation. With the proper societal attitude adjustment, we can drastically reduce the number of homeless pets.

Bringing a New Puppy Home

How you’ve prepared, and the first few hours after you bring home a puppy will make a difference to whether you’ll have a well balanced good natured or a problem dog in the future. Getting it right from the start will make a difference to what type of four legged companion you’ll have beside you for the next 15 or so years.

Retriever – 7 Compelling Reasons to Own a Labrador

We should thank nature for providing us this wonderful breed. Labradors serve us in different ways: They lead the blind, rescue the injured, secure our borders and…

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