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Puppy Training – Advice And Tips For Every Puppy Owner

Only someone who owns a pet can explain the joy and happiness a pet can put in your life. They can be your best friends in whom you can confide and also share your joy and sadness with. But like every other relationship, this relationship too comes with responsibility.

Canine Learning Methods

The luring technique requires the handler to maneuver a treat around in such a way that the dog, in his attempts to get the treat, will give you the behaviour you are waiting for, or some version of it. You reward as or immediately after the command was obeyed, depending on whether it’s a new behaviour or an established one. It is important to fade luring on any cue as quickly as possible to avoid reliance on treats.

Pets and Fireworks – How to Soothe Your Pets Nerves Naturally This Guy Fawkes

Pets and fireworks can be an unpleasant and scary mix. Herbs though can be used to help your pets and to soothe their anxious nerves. People are using herbs daily now in their lives and there is no reason why your pets shouldn’t enjoy these also.

Skin Allergies in Dogs – Why Natural Remedies Are Better

When you see skin allergies in dogs, feeling sympathy is the first thing that comes to mind. They’re might be in pain, roll around in irritation, or mope around because no one is helping them. Families will take their dog to the vet, but if the medicine doesn’t work, continuous trips become expensive.

Training Puppies to Accept, Like, Tolerate Everything and Everyone!

Training your new puppy to accept everything and everyone it encounters is not really training. It is exposure. It is important that you begin immediately when you bring your puppy home, usually at 8 weeks. By 16 weeks, adolescent wariness will begin to set in and it becomes more difficult.

Dealing With Canine Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia is a distressing condition which needs careful monitoring. The intensive selective breeding of modern dogs has led to this condition becoming inherent in some breeds although the Hip Scoring system is gradually helping to moderate the amount of dysplasia present in dogs.

Enjoy Teaching Your Dog To Swim

Teach your dog to swim in a safe and memorable way. Help your pet gain confidence in the water as he or she learns a new skill with your encouragement and patient assistance. Keep these tips handy and your dog will learn not to fear the water and maybe even to love it.

Socializing Your Puppy Takes Diligence

Article suggests you start the socialization right after receiving the puppy. However, don’t go too fast if the puppy isn’t ready to meet the outside world. Also remember to give him plenty of playtime where his energy can be expended in a safe environment.

How to Keep a Dog Warm in Winter

Some dogs love snow, and you happen to have a four-footed friend at home who enjoys playing in the wet white stuff, it might not immediately occur to you that you must watch and make sure he/she stays safe and free of colds this winter. It’s true that some breeds of dog are hardier than others in inclement weather, but if you have a dog that is sensitive to winter chills it’s important to make sure he/she stays warm. You wouldn’t send a child outside without a heavy coat, and you definitely do not want to leave your dog unprepared, either.

4 Reasons Why You Should Purchase an Elevated Dog Bowl

Just like any other living creature, it is a must for your dog to be able to eat properly and stress-free. You, as a pet owner, should take note of your dog’s eating habits and style. For most owners, buying an elevated dog bowl has helped them a lot to feed their dogs in a more organized way. Providing the right dog feeder for your pet’s unique size, body structure and feeding habits can contribute to his or her health and comfort.

Puppy Training Tips That You Should Know

This article gives a lot of tips on how to train a puppy. It provides helpful ideas that can be implemented when you are training a puppy.

Dog Profile: The Bichon Frise

Developed solely to be a companion, the Bichon Frise is a friendly, happy little dog. These delightful little characters have a long and interesting history, taking in royalty, Spanish seafarers, and the circus.

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