Rottweiler – Top 10 Facts


Dog Gifts Your Furry Friends Will Enjoy

Anyone who has ever had a dog knows that they aren’t just animals; they are small and furry members of the family. When it comes to holidays and gift giving, purchasing dog gifts is a natural part of the shopping plan. Dogs can get bored just as…

Adopt Vs Shop – Why Adopting Your Next Pet Will More Likely Result in the Best Match for YOU

You’ve probably heard that it’s better to adopt a pet from a shelter than from a breeder, but do you know the countless reasons why? You’ll be saving not one life, but TWO.

Originated From Ireland: Dog Breeds

Ireland has always been a comparatively small country with few things to boast about. But this nation has had a special love to domestic animals and dogs in particular. Let’s have a look at what breeds could originate from Ireland and which ones were modified there.

Origin of Service Dogs

If you are thinking about teaching your family pet to receive a service dog certification, afterward you could be enthusiastic about the records involving these animals. Since the beginning of time, dogs have been employed by individuals for support. In people of early times, it was mostly in regards to hunting. As far back as the times of the Roman Empire, dogs have been found in the military. The Aztecs considered dogs may have been provided for the world by way of a God to mentally help people.

How to Breed Dogs and Start Your Own Dog Breeding Business

Learning how to breed dogs is an excellent way for anybody who has a passion for the raising and care of dogs to make a great living for themselves. It’s best for any aspiring dog breeder to start by extensively familiarizing themselves with a single dog breed, learning about the behavior, health needs, care requirements, and cost of keeping for that particular type of canine.

How to Keep Your Dog Cool All Summer Long

There are several things you need to be careful of as a dog owner in the summer: heatstroke, dehydration, and sunburn. We’ll give you several suggestions to make sure your dog is comfortable all summer long, and allow both of you to make the most of your time outdoors!

Dog Hip Dysplasia – Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Dog hip dysplasia is one of the most common skeletal diseases seen in canines. Learn more about what to watch for, diagnosis and treatment options.

What’s Better for Your Dog: Brushing Teeth, Bones From Raw Meat, Or Deer Antlers?

Dental care for dogs is extremely important to prevent dental disease and promote a long and healthy life. What is the best method of oral care for your dog? We’ll investigate brushing, using bones from raw meat, and also deer antlers as options for dental health.

What’s Better for Your Dog: The Groomer Or Should You Groom Her?

While using a groomer can be a great convenience, is there a time when you could be the groomer yourself? There is a bonding experience between you and your dog when you do the work on your own, and that could be the biggest reason you should consider grooming on your own.

Dealing With Dog Hair Problems And Ensuring Shedding Is Kept To A Minimum

Dog hair and the problems that are associated with the shedding process are part of owning a dog. You may never eliminate the issue entirely; however, there are several things you can do to help the problem. Some owners feel that the hair throughout their home is never ending; however, prevention is far better than cure.

How To Stop Your German Shepherd From Jumping On People

Embarrassed by your overgrown German Shepherd jumping on visitors to your home as well as strangers? Are you annoyed that your German Shepherd jumping is getting out of control? Learn how to easily stop your dog from jumping on you and others with this simple trick guaranteed to work!

How Do I Train My Dog?

Dog training can be painful and may disappoint you but there are ways to overcome these frustrations. Patience is the only way to achieve your goal in training your dog. Here are friendly training tips on how to train your dog at home.

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