Safe vs Unsafe Bones For Your Dog’s Breed


What You Need To Know About Lyme Disease In Dogs

Lyme Disease is a painful, crippling and possibly life-threatening disease for dogs. It is a health issue that can be prevented.

Want A New Furry Friend? How To Pick The Right Puppy

If you’re looking for a new dog, make sure to do some research on the different breeds of puppies that are available. Here are a few different breeds that are ideal, no matter what type of lifestyle you have.

How to Tell If Your Dog Has Worms

There are numerous types of worms that can affect your dog. As a pet owner, you will need to be aware of all of them to protect your dog from infection and potential diseases. Here is a list worms affecting dogs along with their causes, symptoms and treatments.

Dangers of Leaving Your Dog In A Vehicle

Many of us love to take our dog with us when we shop or run errands. Everybody knows that dogs love to go for a ride. It’s hard to say no when your dog is hopping up and down at the door, begging to go with you. But if your trip involves leaving your dog alone in your vehicle you should stop and think twice before taking him with you. There are dangers in leaving your dog in your vehicle and they can be serious for your dog.

Tips for Litter Box Training a Dog

Going outside repeatedly after a small dog is no fun. Letting him use a box indoors is much easier. Here are a few tips for litter box training a dog.

What Does It Take To Train a Service Dog?

When people hear the words “service dogs”, they automatically think of a guard dog or police canine unit, however, this is not the case. A service dog is typically one that assists its owner in their everyday lives, usually owners with medical problems such as blind and deaf people. Of course this kind of canine needs to be taught how to be a service dog as well as having suitable temperaments and suitable fitness levels.

How To Properly Prepare Your Dog For Training In A Boot Camp Setting

As a professional dog trainer for 35 years there are a few things I wish all my clients understood prior to starting training. These tips will make the training experience be so much more pleasant for all concerned. The dog, client, and trainer all have a better experience if the dog is properly prepared for the training experience before starting. These preparations start with a veterinary check up and shot record update at least 2 weeks prior to training (especially in a board and train situation) and an overall physical should be done at that time. Grooming, crating experience, dietary considerations, and where the dog has recently been are all considerations when beginning a training program.

Be Generous Showing Affection to Your Dog

Although there are some dog owners who think along the “alpha-pack-dog” lines when it comes to affection, we really know our English Cream Retrievers, and we know these dogs are the very essence of affection and the desire to please. Returning their natural instincts with anything other than affection would break their sweet spirits and we are all about nurturing and bonding with our dogs.

Tips on Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears

Whether your dog’s ears are long, shaped like a rosebud or bat ears, or they stand up in prick-eared fashion, it’s important to keep them clean. In extreme cases, dogs with dirty, infected ears can lose their hearing. Infected ears can lead to other health problems as well. Fortunately, regular ear cleaning is easy to do and it doesn’t require much in the way of accessories.

Listen to Your Dog

We are painfully aware sometimes that the communication we want, need, and really do require to keep our pets happy does not happen in human words. We use human words to speak to them but they cannot reciprocate with human words.

Practical Pointers in Training Dogs

You just got a nice dog from a friend so the next step is to train your furry pet. The useful devices that you can depend on are the remote dog training collars. These will not be as effective without the training techniques that are suitable for your pets.

How to Travel With a Dog in a Car

If your dog doesn’t ride well in the car, here are some dog training tips that can help. Also, there are a few natural remedies that can be helpful as well as some dog travel supplies.

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