Separation Anxiety In Dogs; 7 Breeds That Hate Being Alone


3 Outdoor Activities Your Dog Will Love

Its fun to find outdoor activities one can do with their pets. Here are 3.

Choosing The Best Toy For Your Dog

Dog toys are a great source of entertainment for any dog and can be used with or without the owner, depending on the type of toy you choose. This article provides an outline of some of the different toys available and identifies a number of the main benefits of incorporating them into your dog’s playtime.

Combating the Problem of Pet Fleas With Frontline Spot On

Frontline Spot On can help you to combat the problem of pet fleas in your home. Pets can bring something very special into our lives.

Canine Corneal Damage

Corneal damage in dogs is a common eye problem that results from an eye injury. Signs and symptoms of corneal ulcers and corneal abrasion.

Canine Hypothyroidism Disease

What is hypothyroidism in dogs? Signs and symptoms of thyroid problems and how to treat thyroid disease.

Dog Exercise: The Key to Health and Happiness!

Summer is great fun for humans and dogs alike! An active lifestyle is not only important for us but our four-legged friends as well. Outdoor exercise provides a fresh and interesting environment to keep your pet active, alert and out of mischief. Check out these outdoor activity ideas you can share with your dog.

A Hearing Test for Fido

How to test your puppy’s hearing with a simple hearing test. Make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep your pet happy and healthy.

3 Benefits to Dog Walking

Dog walking is an essential part of a dog’s life. This article shows the benefits associated with dog walking.

Puppy Biting Solutions to Keep Your Puppy From Nipping

Puppies like babies also grow their teeth and when they do, they would certainly find something that they could bite or nibble on. If your puppy is already in this stage, you need to make sure that you look for ways to manage the time when your puppy would start nipping. This is to make sure that you won’t be stressed when they start doing this habit. It is best to train your pet properly, so you would be able to maximize the enjoyment that you get from having a pet puppy. If your pet starts nipping and biting, below are some tips that could help you find a good solution effectively.

Sashas Blend for Your Pet Dog

What our pet dogs eat for food has a huge impact on their behaviour and their health. But as a dog, they will just feed on whatever we feed them. So it’s our responsibility to look for the right dog food to give them. There are a lot of good quality dog foods that you can find in the market. The question now is how to choose from hundreds of varieties that you can find. Although it’s not impossible to provide the right diet for them, it can be very confusing.

Dog Grooming Shears: A Snip in Time

A dog needs plenty of time and attention. It is not just about taking him for a walk regularly or giving him nutritious meals at the appointed time.

Dog Harnesses Are a Great Choice for Small Dogs

Dog harnesses are designed to fit over your pet’s front legs and buckle around her midsection. Learn more about why they work great.

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