Shiba Inu Vs Basenji Dog Breeds, Which Is Better For You?


Dog Medicine Used to Treat Heart Worms in Puppies

T.S. Eliot once called April “the cruelest month,” though he probably wasn’t thinking about heartworms at the time. You see, April is the month that most veterinarians start checking dogs for heartworm organisms they may have been exposed to during the previous mosquito season. The worms can only be detected after they reach sexual maturity, which takes about six months. Before this time, the host will not exhibit any symptoms. According to most experts, heartworms are easy to prevent, but hard to cure.

Dog Pain: 5 Natural Solutions To Stop It Fast

Our dogs have signs and symptoms of pain much in the way that people do, but often this pain is unrecognized, not diagnosed, and hence not treated. In this article I will show you how to check if your dog is in pain, and the most common symptoms found in dog pain. I will cover the more common causes of dog pain, and lastly show you the most important safe solutions that you can give to treat your dog’s pain at home.

Dog Hair Brushing: Is It Essential?

The relationship shared between humans and canines goes long back in history when canines used to be a part of their family not only for protection but also for hunting purposes. Canines had always been an integral part of the lives of the cave men.

Dog Training Hand Signals – 2 Training Techniques To Teach, But One MUST Come Before The Other

There are many instances when using dog training hand signals can prove extremely useful over voice commands alone. You may find yourself with your dog in a somewhat noisy area where it is hard for your dog to hear you or not get distracted with all the other competing noises. Your dog may become hard of hearing. If you’re having a hard time with voice commands, hand signals can reinforce them until you can eventually leave the voice commands alone altogether.

The Truth About Cats and Dogs (Poop)

What a way to be known, I mean being number 1 in the number 2 area. To write about dog poop, it is a crappy job, but someone has to do it. The reason I say someone has to do it, is because dog waste is a huge problem. Not only as a detriment to you and your family, but very harmful to the environment as well. And truly before I started doing my research, I had no idea that our adorable dogs and the dog poo that they do were so detrimental to us as a society. Not to mention that stuff is just horrible and smells so badly.

Potty Training An Adult Dog With 3 Tips Plus 1 Unconventional But Effective Tip

Remember, dogs aren’t humans. The best thing to do is just introduce something new rather than stop him from peeing in the house. If you teach him something new it will override the old habit. Follow these 4 tips to see your adult dog learn where to potty at.

Hand Signals For Dog Training – Teaching The Right Command First Is The Key To Success

There are many situations where it will prove beneficial to have hand signals for dog training as well as voice commands. You may be in a noisy environment where your dog is hearing lots of other sounds at the same time and your voice may be harder to pick up. Your dog may not be able to hear as well as he once did. Your dog may not respond to voice commands as good as he would hand signals. Hand signals for dog training is a great way to make training go faster and your dog more responsive.

Doggy Day Care

Do you have a full time job? Are you going on a trip? Are you having guests come stay with you at your house?

The Basics of Effective Dog Training for a Happier Dog

The basics of dog training involves understanding that a dog is a dog and expects to be treated as such, otherwise you end up with a confused dog or one with behavioural problems. A well trained dog will be well behaved and have a good temperament. Your dog will know where he fits in the family system. Train your dog so that he understands who is boss. Dogs do have a tendency to take over and be the boss, if they realize that the owner is not taking the initiative.

Are Dogs Psychics?

Not only humans can be psychics. Dogs and other animals can be psychics too.

Gain Control Over The Aggressive Behavior In Dogs

Aggressive behavior in dogs occurs for many reasons. The earlier the aggression is dealt with, the better off for you and your dog. After all, prolonged aggression can quickly get out of control and become violent if not handled in the proper manner.

Dogs And Happiness – On Being A Perfect Dog Owner

Is there such a thing as a perfect dog owner? And if there is, what does it look like? How does one become such an extraordinary member of the dog owner species?

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