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How To Break Bad Habits In Your Canine With Training

A lot of people want to train their dogs but they think it’s too difficult. This is probably because they don’t know how to properly train their dogs. The key to training dogs is that you have to expand your knowledge on methods and ways you can train your dogs to know how to properly train them.

Top 6 Things You Can Do Now To Prevent Your Dog From Getting Cancer

Cancer, or neoplasia is one of the most feared diseases and diagnoses among dog owners; unfortunately the incidence is on the rise leaving pet owners with many questions about why this is happening, and what they can do to prevent it. In this article you will learn about the current statistics on cancer in dogs, including which breeds are at highest risk. The exact definition of cancer is explained, then I go over the most common types of dog cancer; lymphosarcoma, mast cell tumors, osteosarcoma, and hemangiosarcoma. Lastly I reveal the top 6 things you can do now to prevent your dog from getting cancer in the first place.

Tips To Control the Excess Barking Of Your Dog

It is through barking that dogs communicate with each other or with their owners. This is a very common behavior associated with your dog, and therefore, there is nothing to be worried about it. However, do you think that your dog barks excessively that it goes out of control? This is really true that when your dogs bark in excess, it can cross your limits of patience. Constant barking can also be a great disturbance not only for you, but for your neighbors, as well. Though there are solutions through which you will be able to control the excess barking of your dog, yet before you try to quiet your dog…

5 Steps To Treating And Preventing Dog Hot Spots

A hot spot is a very painful and sudden localized skin infection that needs immediate care. In this article you will learn exactly what you need to do to treat hot spots at home. You will learn exactly what a dog hot spot is, and the causes of these localized skin infections. Then you will find the exact steps to take to treating these at home, and preventing hot spots in dogs from reoccurring.

Simple Obedience Guidelines for Your Corgi

Being a responsible dog owner includes having a well-behaved dog. There are a handful of simple obedience guidelines every dog should adhere to.

Corgi Personality: Understanding Your Corgi’s Aggression

The Corgi generally has a very pleasing, happy disposition. Occasionally a Corgi may develop some aggression. If you find yourself trying to deal with an aggressive dog here are some reasons why and how to attend to the problem.

Homemade Dog Food Recipes – Giving the Best to Your Fur Child

Do you have the right nutrients for your dog? Wonder what is the best healthy dog food for your friend? Read this article to find out more!

What Do Dog Training And Pregnant Women Have In Common?

Great news here at the Letendre domicile. Rach found out last week that she is pregnant and we are both very happy.

Tips for Selecting a Dog Groomer

Entrusting your dog in the care of anyone else can be an unnerving obstacle at any length of time. You need someone you can trust. When choosing the best dog groomer or dog boarding for the job, be sure to take our simple talking points into account. Doing so will help to find the best qualified groomer that you and your pet will be comfortable with.

Things To Do To Prevent Your Dog From Biting

There are some dogs that are often in the habit of biting. This might be due to several reasons, and there are many important things that can be done in order to prevent this habit. However, the most important thing that you need to do is to consult with your vet. Biting habits in dogs can lead to several diseases, and therefore, it is very essential to prevent this habit. There is a center for disease control and prevention, and this federal agency is largely responsible for monitoring and controlling the human behavior and diseases. When a dog bites, people might not only suffer from physical injuries,

Potential Corgi Health Problems

When it comes to Corgi health problems, it is much easier and more cost effective to practice preventative medicine than to fight bouts of illness and disease. When possible have your puppy examined by the same veterinarian that cared for the dam since many infections and parasites can be passed from the dam to the pup.

Corgi Temperament: Assessing Your Corgi’s Separation Anxiety

Having to deal with your Corgi’s separation anxiety can be a heart wrenching experience. You will find several simple tips to help you and your dog realize your absence is normal and you WILL return to them.

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