Stop Dogs Reactive Behavior On Leash


Fire Engine Dog Sing-Along

When your dog howls when he hears a siren or fire engine, do you think it is because he is in pain? Think again. Dogs are born with a singing skill, and being raised away from the pack will not keep a dog from singing in tune as soon as he rejoins the pack. Every dog shares this love of music. All he needs is someone, or something, to get him started. That is why the wail of a siren is usually followed by the wail of your dog, and another dog, and another dog, as they encourage each other and harmonize. Instead of trying to shut down the concert, just bring out your guitar and sing along! It will be over when it’s over, not when you shout “shut up!”

German Shepherd/Rottweiler: A Mischievous Mix

If you’re considering a German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix for a companion, you’ll enjoy this article. This is a brief telling of some of my personal experiences as the owner of a beautiful female German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix.

Jack Russell Terrier Potty Training Tips

When it comes to Jack Russell Terrier potty training, sadly, many frustrated owners have been known to give their JRTs to a shelter. But I’ll give you simple tips to get your Jack Russell house trained in no time! In fact, it only requires 3 simple steps – with great results.

Are Essential Oils Safe for Dogs?

If you are like me, your dogs (pets) are your children. You want them to receive the best care possible which includes natural treatments when they need it, not pharmaceuticals with side effects. Since essential oils aid the body by healing and the prevention of ailments, the next step would be to ask, “Are essential oils safe for dogs?”.

4 Good To Know Facts About Hip And Joint Supplements For Dogs

Dogs are prone to conditions related to their hips and joints because of certain factors, such is their active lifestyle, breed, and diet. As such, they may need a hip and joint supplement for dogs, which will protect them from these conditions. Dog owners have to be well-informed on anything that they give their pets, though.

Things Everyone Should Know About English Bulldogs

English bulldogs for sale is an advert most people cannot help looking at. They are the cutest puppies, filled with wrinkles and stocky bodies. It’s important to remember that while these are probably the most adorable puppies you will ever see, they are a lifelong commitment.

What to Look For When Choosing an English Bulldog Puppy

One of the cutest dogs available has to be the English bulldog puppies. The chubby body and hundreds of wrinkles is what draws so many people to this particular dog breed.

Excellent Tips About Dogs That Are Easy To Follow

Your dog is always there for you. No matter what, a dog will do what it takes to make sure you are alright. He always looks out for you, always wants your attention, and is always happy with you. Shouldn’t you see what you can do for him? Here are some tips to help you be a great owner for your dog.

Dog Sitters Can Take Care of Your Pet While You Are Away For Work

Do have business trips lined up in the next few weeks? Are you considering putting your pet in a kennel? Or are you planning for your neighbor’s help to look after him/her? In either of the cases you won’t have the peace of mind and might suffer from stress regarding your canine friend’s guardianship. Why don’t you opt for the services of dog sitters?

4 Good To Know Facts About Doggie Treats

It would be safe to say that most dog owners would just love to see their pets’ faces light up and tails wag at the sight of some doggie treats. But of course, these treats should not be given to pets whenever the owners please. There are things about them of which they need to be informed.

The Amazing Benefits of Feeding Your Dog The Healthiest Dog Diet

Headlines about tainted dog food put fear in dog owner’s hearts. Hearing that what you have been feeding your loved dogs are on a recall list, your heart sinks. Knowing that many people’s loved dogs have gotten horribly sick or died painful deaths because of dog food recalls is something every dog parent has heard and worried about. They feel lucky if they have been fortunate enough not to have that fate happen to their pampered dog. The safest dog food you can find is the smartest thing to feed your dog. This leads to amazing benefits that will give your loved dog a chance to live the long, healthy lives you hope for. Dog parents have been discovering there is a healthier way to feed their pampered puppies.

Tips For The Healthiest Dogs

Dog lovers delight when they bring home new puppies or older dogs. There is something unique about getting this gift, a dog. Adhering to a few tips will help your pampered dogs to be healthy through-out their lives. You will want to keep a few things in mind to have the healthiest dog you can have.

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