STOP PUPPY BITING NOW! Easy Training To Stop Puppy Biting


Eliminate Toxins to Prevent Seizures in Dogs

Seizures in dogs are commonplace and there are many underlying causes. Unless your pet is predisposed to seizures based on genetics, there are many other factors that could be triggering the seizure. Dogs are members of the family as anyone else, and it can be hard to watch your pet go through any episode of pain. If you suspect a new product has prompted a seizure, you should remove it right away.

Symptoms of Canine Epilepsy

If you are a dog owner who is suspicious that your pet has suffered a seizure due to canine epilepsy, you may need to take him to a vet immediately to find out what’s really going on. In the meantime there are a few symptoms that you can look out for to determine if it’s an early onset of the disease. Canine epilepsy is normally caused by a brain disorder and is normally associated with seizures. Your pet may be genetically predisposed to the disease or it may be caused by unknown reasons.

What You Need To Know About Dog Seizures

Dog seizures can be disturbing to watch and care for especially if the cause is unknown. It may be a big or small health issue and until this is diagnosed, it’s even harder on an owner who has loved and cared for their pet from a young age.

Treatments for Canine Seizures

Canine seizures are very common. The causes of seizures vary from an underlying disease to overexcitement in the brain brought on by certain toxins. Before administering treatment, it is important to see a doctor to determine the cause of the seizure, whether it’s the result of toxins, diabetes or an epileptic disorder.

Pet Needs

This article discusses various things to buy for your pet dog. This is perfect for first time dog owners.

Skills Every Dog Learns In Schutzhund Dog Training

Schutzhund dog training was established as a sport to assess the dogs’ characteristics that were imperative for use in law enforcement-type of work. In the beginning, the German Shepherd breed was the only one that was put through the severities of training. Today, any dog breed may compete.

Bringing Your Dogs On Planes – Exactly What People Should Know

Thinking about bringing your canine friend on a commercial airline anytime down the road? We’ve searched the airline’s service fees and safety records as they related to pets to give you the additional facts you need before you book that next trip. With a little preparation, taking dogs on planes can be less expensive and much less of a hassle!

Adopt a Shih Tzu Puppy!

Once you’ve made that important decision to adopt a Shih Tzu, you must decide what route to take when choosing your dog. There could be many ways to acquire that dog of a lifetime and in this article we’ll be briefly discussing one of them. This option is to adopt your new puppy from a breeder who specializes in the Shih Tzu breed. Let’s take a look at a couple things to keep in mind should you decide to purchase from a breeder.

Frostbite and Hypothermia in Dogs

An insight into Frostbite and Hypothermia in dogs, the two main causes for concern for dogs in cold weather. Symptoms and treatments for these conditions are also listed.

How to Get Rid of Dog Fleas

Fleas can plague dogs and their owners. These pests infest your dog’s fur, burrowing into it, sucking blood and seeking shelter. Untreated infestation can lead to dermatitis. When a dog bites and ingests fleas, the dog can also be at risk of getting tapeworm. Here are some solutions you may consider.

How to Brush a Dog’s Teeth – 9 Steps To Success

So you’re wondering how to brush a dog’s teeth? Follow these simple steps and keep your dog’s teeth healthy and beautiful!

Some Tips About Shih Tzu Care for Senior Dogs

Shih Tzu care for senior dogs really doesn’t have to vary much from when your pet was just a little puppy. Oh, there are differences, but with a little understanding and a few tips, you and your dog can make changes that will deal with most of these problems!

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