STOPPING A DOG FIGHT (Cesar911 Shorts)


Can Dogs Be Gay?

This question first entered my mind years ago, when I saw my dog exhibiting distinctly gay behavior. I know dogs mount other dogs for reasons of dominance-it wasn’t that, it was more a sense that there was something else going on.

What Causes Bloat in Dogs?

What are the causes and symptoms of bloat in dogs. Which breeds are most susceptible, and what pets owners can do to help prevent this life threatening condition.

Dealing With Senility and Aging in Dogs

Something all dog owners have to deal with at some stage is coming to terms with their pet getting older and becoming less able than they used to be. This article looks at what can be done to deal with the onset of senility and old age in dogs, and looks at how you can keep your dog active and healthy for as long as possible.

Work From Home by Starting Your Own Dog Training Business

Does working from home sound appealing? If you enjoy dogs and would like to have your very own small business, what about considering starting up a dog training business?

Puppy Crate Training – Cruel or Kind?

Crate training is a method of getting a dog or puppy accustomed to relaxing in a crate. When not used properly, crates can turn into a prison for a dog and can be cruel, so leaving a dog or puppy in a crate is not accepted by everyone as a positive method of dog training. Dog trainers, behaviourist, vets and dog owners may have different views on whether or not confining a dog to a crate is cruel. This article looks at the pros and cons of crate training.

About Vaccines For Your Pet

Vaccines have become a wonderful life-saving tool that helps to inoculate us against some of the most dangerous and deadly diseases. Vaccines are not just for people though- as any pet owner knows, there are a variety of vaccines that are available for your dog and your cat.

Dog Training With Rewards: Food and Treats

Does dog training with rewards really work? Do you need to use rewards forever? All your questions answered here!

What Is Euthanasia and What Can I Expect?

Euthanasia literally means ‘gentle death’. Other terms you may hear are ‘put to sleep’, ‘put down’, ‘put out of its misery’ or, less kindly, ‘destroy’. Veterinary staff may use the term ‘humane destruction’ which is simply a technical term for putting an animal to sleep.

Tips For Locating The Best Dog Exercise Areas

Dog exercise areas are necessary for any good dog owner, whether on an overseas journey or across the state. These areas are a great place for your dog to get some exercise and burn off any excess energy. Finding new dog exercise areas can be, obviously, something of a challenge when it comes to finding one of these areas while on vacation.

Guidelines for Purchasing a Dog Crate

Because dog crates are extremely versatile products, it is becoming a common practice for the majority of today’s pet owners to use a crate for their pet while at home or when traveling. This article will offer basic guidelines for use in purchasing the ideal dog crate for a pet.

Choosing a Dog – Which Breed Is Best for You?

Dogs can live for up to 15 years or more. Whilst they are a joy to have around, careful consideration should be given to whether you have the time and energy for raising and training a dog and also which breed is the right choice for you. Choose a dog to match your activity levels and experience of dogs. Some dogs are friendly and easy to train, whereas others can be stubborn and demanding.

Tips for Choosing Raised Dog Bowls

Raised dog bowls help promote a healthier, less stressful posture for your dogs while they’re eating. They can reduce or eliminate the need for your dogs to bend down to get to their food, helping to keep the dog’s spine to stay in alignment while reducing pressure on their forearms, hips and shoulders.

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