Teach Your Dog To Stop Jumping Up In 3 Simple Steps


Dog Snuggies – Why Your Dog Needs a Snuggie

Is there anything as cute as a dog wearing a snuggie? But they aren’t only cute, they actually have a value for your best friend.

Citronella Collars Are the Best Tool to Stop a Dog From Barking

There are different ways to stop your dog from barking. One is using a Citronella Collar, and e-bark collar, or treats. In this article I will talk about how the Citronella Collars are a great way to stop your dog from barking.

How to Keep Your Dog Safe During the Summer

Ten simple, fool proof solutions to keep your dog safe this summer. Great advice for any concerned dog owner.

About Proper Puppy Food and Nutrition

Having a new puppy at home is like having a new baby. It is definitely exciting. And it also requires a whole lot of effort, patience, and care – particularly in feeding. Like a human baby, you have to make sure your puppy has all the nutrients it needs to grow into a healthy adult. This is why brands of pet food like Advance, Royal Canin, Hills Science Diet, and others have special bags and cans for puppies.

Royal Canin Sensitivity Control and Other Special Dog Food Products

Manufacturers of pet products are thanking new media and technology today. The Internet, mobile phones, and cable TV have been significant in making more and more people aware of the importance and how-to’s of caring for animals, particularly for pets. This opened new business lines and given them increased number of customers. For instance, makers of dog food products like Holistic Select and Artemis have launched highly specialized canned and dry food for canines with extraordinary needs.

Memory Foam Dog Beds Versus Traditional Beds

When out shopping for a bed for your beloved dog, it is easy to become overwhelmed at the options available to you. There are, however some important factors to keep in mind.

Do You Want to Become a Dog Walker? – Useful Points

If you are planning to become a dog walker, think along these lines: throw on the leash and take the dogs for a brisk walk. In order to become a professional dog walker, you need to love dogs. Not just some dogs but all dogs, large and small.

Shelters And Bicycle Pet Carriers for Your Dog That Are Worth The Price

Are you providing proper shelter for your dog? If your dog is an outdoor dog, then it is important to provide your dog with an adequate outdoor dog house to shield them form the elements. Do you have an outdoor dog house, an insulated dog house or a custom dog house for your dog? Do you have a bicycle pet carrier for your dog?

Dog Humping: Why Dogs Do It And What You Can Do To Stop It

Humping, otherwise known as mounting is what male dogs will do when they mate. Female dogs do this as well, of course less often. Dogs also mount furniture, toys, people’s legs, and for a few reasons. Yes it can still be displaying sexual behaviour, hence that ‘special’ stuffy toy that your dog does ‘unnamed’ things to. Dogs are animals, as are we, and they still have sexual behaviours in spite being neutered/spayed. Other triggers can be with types of anxiety-I can use my ‘new’ dog Jessie as an example. Things are cool with both him and my other dog Lewis, we can walk on the trail with bouts of peeing, running and playing, then when other dogs show up, Jessie hops on top of Lewis and proceeds to embarrass me and Lewis. Then there is the most common explanation, displaying DOMINANCE. You commonly see this with puppies, and often with adult dogs. It’s saying ‘I AM IN CHARGE’ in a socially not always acceptable way.

Puppy Training – Secrets to Dog Training

Canine animals are the dearest pet anybody can have. The reason is that their love is what we call true love. They want little and in return give love. But, canines need to be trained to co-exist with us; their trust is to be won. And the simplest way is to share for what they care. Training a canine is easier than to train a child.

American Bulldog Health Problems

In terms of American Bulldog health issues, there are lots of potential conditions that can catch you and your dog unaware. The results can be both psychologically upsetting and expensive if they’re not resolved quickly and effectively. Rather than addressing possible health complications as they come along, find out what you can do to prevent them in the first place and have your bulldog happy and healthy.

Dog Medicine to Cure Common Ailments

There are approximately 78 million owned dogs in America, according to the Humane Society of the United States. Only the housecat is more common, and that is only because their owners tend to have more than one feline. Dogs are actually more popular on a house-to-house basis.

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