Teach Your Dog To Stop Jumping Up


The Ultimate Luxury for Your Star Pet – Dog Boarding Hotels

The tariff rates of the hotels may vary depending on its classy services that will be luxuriously availed by your beloved pet, but mostly all the hotels have special features that are exclusively designed to provide all the relevant services to your pet. It includes all the luxurious services for your dog that can never be made available at home. Therefore, if you’re on a vacation and you want your beloved friend to be with you, you can always opt for one of these hotels, who will take all the responsibilities for your pet and make an unforgettable…

What You Need to Know Before Getting a Malinoi

There are a ton of dog breeds which one can regard as as really good pets. They can simply be obtained for the satisfaction of companionship, or for doing tasks, such as a guard dog, a police dog or a hunting dog. However, owners will need to give an adequate amount of time for their training just so they could bring out those hidden talents. One of the most interesting breeds for pet owners is the Belgian Malinoi. It has turn into a rather well-liked choice lately, although one has to take into account various things prior to making the decision in acquiring one.

A Crate Training Schedule For Your Dog

Crate training your pet, if done the correct way, is a simple and fun task for you as well as your pet. This guide shows how to encourage any dog to be quickly crate trained so it will regard the crate as its own space for sleep and play. Once crate trained your pet is less likely to suffer from separation anxiety or any other stress symptoms because it will be content.

How to Get Your Dog Groomed?

Dog grooming is an important aspect of raising dogs. They need to be bathed regularly and then taken to dog groomers every now and then. It is your responsibility to keep the dog calm and composed so that the professional can go about his job and provide the desired results.

Why Dog Grooming Is A Must

Unlike what the name implies, dog grooming does not automatically mean a trip to the pet spa. If you are comfortable with doing the grooming yourself, it is perfectly alright to do it at home. Grooming your pet is one of the basic responsibilities of a dog owner.

The 3 Stages Of Learning How To Stop Dog Barking

Learning how to stop dog barking is one of the most serious and annoying problems known to dog owners. Excessive barking happens for many reasons – be it a lack of exercise, low socialization, poor training as a puppy or boredom – and once it starts most owners struggle to find a way to stop it. The first thing you should do is not yell at your dog to be quiet whenever they bark – they’ll only interpret this as you joining in and will be encouraged to…

Your Dog Absolutely Needs a Canine Life Jacket

In the interests of dog safety, this article points out some of the important reasons why a canine life jacket is imperative for every dog, not just those known to be good swimmers. Many people do not give it much thought, but dogs need life jackets just as much as toddlers do.

Dog Theft on the Rise Across the UK

Thousands of dogs are being stolen each year, often to order by organised gangs and many of them are being sold on the internet. Dog owners are being warned to be extra vigilant after data was released showing a sharp rise in the number of dog thefts.

How You And Your Pet Can Benefit From Dog Obedience Training

Your little (four-legged) bundle of joy. Your furry friend. Your best mate.

A Dog With a Hundred Names

Curled up beside the lamp post, bundled so tight that an ant would lose its path, he sleeps. The heavy set fog seems to have forgotten him but he knows better. There are a million corners, far warmer and dry but this is where he has to lie.

Weighing Cost Versus Value of Canine Treadmills for Dog Exercise

Are dog treadmills expensive? You betcha! But consider that a good treadmill designed specifically for dogs offers you and your dog so many benefits that the value of the treadmill might be worth the cost. Considering the short- and long-term paybacks you and your dog get in terms of your dog’s health, safety and behavior, and your convenience and peace of mind, you’ll likely come out ahead. Add in what we spend on our dogs each year, and price alone should not be the deciding factor on whether to get one.

Learn How To Take Care Of Your Dog And Strengthen Your Friendship!

It goes without say that a dog is a man’s best companion. A person should purpose to ensure that they maintain good rapport with their dog. This can be achieved by ensuring that you provide it with proper diet, ensuring that your pet lives in proper conditions, enjoys good exercise and is generally healthy.

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