The 8 Types Of Shih Tzu Dog Breed You Need To Know


Tips for Taking Care of Pets: Read On

It can be emotionally exhausting to go through the process of getting a diagnosis and treatment when a loved one suddenly exhibits symptoms of severe ill health. When that loved one is a pet, it can be even more emotionally challenging because of the added challenge of communication. At least a person who is suddenly dizzy or short of breath can tell us what is wrong. Severe symptoms such as seizures in dogs can be both terrifying and mystifying.

Pets at Risk for Food-Borne Illness

Pet food isn’t necessarily safe from food-borne illness, as the recent major recalls of dry dog food indicate. They’re also not as pristine as we’d like to believe; they can contain hazardous chemicals as well as germs. When our pet suddenly begins to exhibit severe physical symptoms, such as excessive vomiting or canine seizures, we tend to think of severe illnesses. But the problem can be as close as the bag of pet food.

What Is Canine Pancreatitis?

It can strike without warning. It can be difficult to diagnose correctly. It can be life threatening.

Taking Care of Your Dog’s Ears

Ear infections are very common among dogs. Dogs can also have ear problems if they have allergies or mites. You can help your dog have healthy ears by taking regular care of them.

The Danger of Dogs in Hot Cars

We have always been told, “Everyone makes mistakes”. This is true no matter whom we are speaking of, be civilian or law enforcement. Just last summer there were at least three separate instances that were well covered by the press of law enforcement animals that died while in the care of their handler.

I Think My Dog Has Salmonella Poisoning – What Should I Do?

There have been recent news about a dog food company that is recalling some it’s dog food products because of reports of salmonella poisoning. So is there anything that can be done if your dog has Salmonella poisoning? Read further to learn more.

A Guide To Bathing Your Dog

There are probably pet owners out there who may be struggling and having a hard time giving their dog a bath. For those who are struggling with bathing their dog, these are just a few tips that you should consider.

How Frequently Should I Bathe My Dog?

There are many pet owners, some who have a dog for the first time, wonder about how often they should bathe their dogs. Read further to learn more.

How To Stop Your Dog From Pulling On The Leash

Your dog’s constant pulling can take the fun out of walks for the both of you so don’t delay on helping your dog learn to walk calmly beside you. As with most things in training, consistency is the key here.

What To Do When Your Dog Won’t Come When Called

Your dog not coming when called is more than annoying. It’s dangerous. Teaching him to come could save his life if he’s where he shouldn’t be or if something unexpected happens.

Housebreaking A Backsliding Puppy Or Dog

If you’ve been though housebreaking your dog but now he/she’s starting to have accidents in the house again, you know how frustrating that experience can be. Read on to learn how to handle this situation before it continues to get worse.

What Should I Be Feeding My Puppy?

Puppies grow at an incredible rate and need to be fed the proper food at the proper rate. Read further to learn more.

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