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Bark Collars and Training Determined Dogs

Pet owners should take heed of the fact that dog training cannot be ignored or delayed. Fortunately, you have the bark collars to rely on. It is really a proven device that can help problematic owners in implementing the necessary training for their furry companions. Make no mistake about it, this tool is useful and yet very affordable. So, you can acquire the collar and pay attention to the training component for your canine pets.

Fleas and the Flea Life Cycle

If you own a pet, you are probably familiar with fleas and how these parasites can be very harmful to your pet. Fleas are the most common pest’s cats and dogs encounter. Understanding what fleas are, their breeding life cycle, how to get rid of fleas and prevent them from coming back may be your long term solution to you and your pet living in a flea free environment.

Dogs and Xylitol, Artificial Sweeteners and Pets Don’t Mix

This experience made me wonder what is toxic to dogs? While shopping at a discount warehouse store, I sampled a new energy drink “Eco Drink”. It tasted fine… supposedly filled with electrolytes and low in calories… using the artificial sweetener, “Xylitol”.

Labrador Retrievers – History, Breed Predispositions and What McTimoney Therapy Can Do To Help

The Labrador Retriever (also known as the Labrador, or Lab for short) is one of several kinds of retriever, a type of gun dog. The Labrador, once known as the Lesser Newfoundland or St John’s Dog, is the most popular breed of dog (by registered ownership) in the world. It is also the most popular breed of assistance dog in the UK, the United States, Australia, and many other countries as well as being widely used by police and other official bodies for their detection and working abilities.

Why Buying A Cage For Your Dog Is An Absolute Must!

So you’ve got yourself a new addition to the family, the cutest little bundle of fluff. They’re all ploppy and wobbly, lovable and amusing with their antics aren’t they? But when the ooh’s and ah’s have died down and they do their first little tinkle on your carpet, or you might come down to find the neatest little wet hole chewed in your favourite pair of shoes. Then reality steps in, and the rose tinted glasses start to fall gently from the end of your nose.

What’s That Dog Smell?

I’m afraid, being the owner of a dog, can come with a horrible smells label attached. Recently, it’s been reported that the offensive smells that dog’s give off, has been blamed, not only for for the break up of some couples, but also for keeping friends and family from wanting to visit you at home.

Is It Ever Too Early or Late to Train Your Dog?

In this article you will find out if there is ever a wrong time to train your dog. You will also find the pros and cons of training your dog at different periods of it’s life.

Remembering Yoda – The Ugliest Dog

She may be the ugliest dog in the world as she was fondly called but her memories will live on forever and continue to touch the lives of those who have nurtured and gave her unconditional love for a very long time. Many people were stunned upon learning that their favorite pet had passed away. The goggle-eyed pooch died peacefully in her sleep after a long gracious life with her loving owner.

What You Don’t Know Could Seriously Harm Your Dog This Summer

The summer heat can seriously harm your dog. Here are 5 tips you need to know…

New Developments in Queensland Dog Fences Raises Stir

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman has revealed the grant of $30,000 in funding to investigate the construction of a new wild dog barrier fence in western Queensland. This illustrates the all-out importance of dog fences in the lives of dog owners.

Delicious Dining Experiences For Your Dog

Traditionally our dogs are fed on virtually the same thing every day, with perhaps the odd chew stick thrown in. That can’t be right can it? We humans don’t have the same thing to eat all the time, we like to have a choice don’t we? Not to mention striving to eat the best that we can nutritionally for our health… five a day and all that. I’m sure the same thing can be said about our canine companions, if only they were able to have the opportunity to choose for themselves.

Dog Diet Health? Read This Only If You Worry About The Health of Your Dog’s Food and Diet

If you’re worried there may be a problem with your pet’s health, it may not be a problem with your pet’s health, it might be a problem with your pet’s diet. As a veterinarian and veterinary practice owner for over 25 years, I’m happy to share my knowledge about dog health and a proper dog food diet. Using a canine dietary guideline system developed in-house, (the basics of which I’ll share with you here) we have helped many dogs maintain a healthy diet.

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