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Terminally Sick Dog – Finding The Right Time To Say Good Bye

Helping dogs heal is not only about supporting their physical body in a way which enables them to recover from an illness. Sometimes helping a dog heal means helping him make the transition from one state of life to another. In most cases the vet and the dog owner decide between them when it is time for an animal to leave his physical body and cross the rainbow bridge into another form of existence.

Tips for Obedience Training of a Dog

For most pet owners, they feel as though obedience training is essential when trying to form a healthy and solid relationship with their canine. However, most dog owners aren’t even aware of what really is it and why it is important. Further, most dog owners don’t even know the first steps of obedience training of a dog. Below, we’ll delve into all of this starting with an explanation of obedience training and ending with tips for obedience training of a dog.

Points to Think About Before Getting a Dog

If you’ve been thinking about getting a dog first make sure you can answer all the below points. Having a cat is a completely different kind of commitment to becoming a dog owner. On average a dog can live up to 12 years plus.

Breaking the Flea Life Cycle – The Best Methods to Reduce Fleas in the House

Generally there are several things you have to do if you need to control fleas in the house permanently. While it is relatively basic to destroy flea eggs, larvae and adults, the pupae are encased inside a protective shell and are actually very not easy to kill.

What Is Puppy Bite Inhibition?

By understanding what bite inhibition is you can easily teach your puppy to stop biting. Learn the different types of bite inhibition your puppy should develop and how you can help.

Electronic Dog Products

Electronic dog products are similar to electronics for humans, in that they make every day living safer, more secure and fun. Some products aid in training a dog to hunt or stay in the yard, while others teach a dog to stop barking. Electronic dog doors give the convenience of not having to let the dog out. While electronic dog toys help keep a playful pooch busy long enough for the family to eat dinner.

Demodectic Mange Treatments: A Basic Overview

There are many treatment options available for curing demodectic mange in the market today, but how do you know which is best? This article will help you by listing out every treatment method capable of solving your problem, as well as giving you a basic introduction of each method to help you choose the best option for your dog.

Dog Clothing for Christmas

When it comes time to do your holiday shopping, you don’t want to forget your furry family members. After all, your puppy has hopefully been pretty good all year around (and not chewed too much stuff!) and he or she should be rewarded with gifts too.

Evolutionizing Dog Training for the 21st Century

Before I became a dog trainer, over 17 years ago, I was instructed by a Certified Professional Dog Trainer to use certain training tools on my 16-week-old Lab. Back then, dog training tools were archaic to say the least. Shock collars, prong collars, nose leads and my “favorite”, the metal choke chain, were guaranteed to choke and hurt the dog if he didn’t do as he was told.

How Dog Socialization Can Eliminate Your Dog’s Biting Problem

Dogs are always biting everything from slippers to shoes and even rugs or clothes. And the most frustrating thing about your new dog is that he will bite everything. Dogs usually do this when they are teething or playing and it is the owner’s task to teach the new puppy the things that are acceptable or not.

Commonalities Between Dog Socialization and Human Socialization

Socialization or taking part in social activities is essential to the character as well as emotional formation of humans. The same principle applies to domestic animals especially man’s best friend. Dog socialization is a vital component of your typical household pets’ development.

Pit Bull Myths and Bully Breed Info

Pit Bull myths are everywhere and there are thousands of happy but homeless dogs destined to be put-down because a majority of the public believes them to be vicious. This article proves the hype to be ”Bully Breed Bull” and I hope it can educate some people on the facts about our Bully Breed. Pit Bulls may be stronger or more determined but their just as loving, cuddly, calm and well-mannered as any responsibly raised dog. I am sorry for those dogs who were not responsibly raised and any people who suffered because of it, but I don’t believe we should condemn all for the actions of a few. I write this in the hope of garnering support and saving innocent lives.

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