The Wolfdogs; What Exactly Are These Hybrids


Dog Training Tips Anyone Can Apply

No one likes to train their dogs. It’s time consuming and most importantly, it’s not easy. But it IS simple.

A Simple Guide to Dressing Your Dog

If you are fashion conscious person who likes to make a statement whenever you step out in public the chances are you have a dog that has the same personality that you do or at least you will want to get a dog that complements your own sense of style. You might have seen some celebrity with a dog in a stylish carrier bag wearing a cute outfit and something that looks like a diamond encrusted collar and wonder how you can get the same for your pooch.

Aqua Dogs: How to Teach Your Dog to Swim

As the summer begins to wind down, and the heat begins to let up, many families will be getting in a few last trips to the beach or lake. And of course, their dogs will be coming too! But did you know that not all dogs are natural swimmers?

Five Things You Never Knew About Pet Boarding

Many dog-lovers fret over putting their furry friends in a boarding facility for the first time, but don’t worry. Many boarding kennels — or pet resorts — are nothing what you’d expect.

How to Introduce a New Dog to Your Existing Canine Companion

Want a new companion for your dog, but afraid of problems? Introducing a new dog to your current one can present several problems. This article teaches you how to handle the situation of introducing your new dog to your resident dog.

The Importance of Pets In Our Lives

Pet ownership has declined 2.4% and yet pets provide companionship, love, and acceptance. When we are at greatest need is when we most need our companion pets.

Discover How to Train Your Best Friend

How to train your dog to coexist with you and your family. A well trained pet helps keep them safe and sound.

How to Stop Beagles From Biting Humans

Are you facing biting problems with your Beagle? Read on for tips on how to control biting in Beagles of different ages.

The Pros and Cons of Home Vs Professional Dog Grooming

No matter what you decide, in home or professional dog grooming, he will be happier, healthier and cleaner from regular grooming sessions. Even though it takes time, it will all be worth it in the end when your pet is satisfied.

Daily Exercise to Prevent a Dog’s Excessive Barking

Dogs are meant to bark. It is the language that they speak. However, excessive barking can be a problem. If you are not really best buddies with your neighbours, your restless dog would complicate things even further, by not allowing them get enough sleep every night. So the best way to stop a dog from barking your brains out is exercise.

What Kind of Qualities Should I Look for When Buying a Baby Pitbull?

There are many qualities you should consider when you purchase a baby pitbull. You should look at all the aspects of the dog before you actually pay for it. There are many different types of pitbulls and they all react differently. That is why you need to keep your eyes open for one that suits your needs. Some of the qualities that you should look for are explained in detail below. You should read them and understand them before you actually go and buy a baby pitbull on sale.

The 5 Stages of Successful Dog Training

By understanding and following the five stages of dog training, obedience training will be less stressful. Training should be fun!

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