“The Worst Dog She Has Ever Seen” (Cesar Millan’s Leader of the Pack)

How Family Dogs Help Infants Learn

Infancy is a period of rapid growth and develop. Infants growing up with a family dog experience companionship and many more benefits physical and mental benefits.

Things to Know Before You Pet a Puppy

Baby dogs require lots of attention and affection. You need to be very careful when placing them in your arms. It’s better to leave them on their way as they are rather soft at first. Squeezing hard or pulling their tails may hurt them and cause injuries. Just like a human baby, they are also sensitive at an early age.

Does The Dog Food You Choose Cause A Sensitive Stomach In Your Best Friend?

Yes, it’s true that dog food can cause a sensitive stomach in your dog. Why? Because the industry is poorly regulated. Commercial dog food is atrocious at skirting the real issues of health and well-being of your pooch because profit is valued over quality. The health of your beloved pet is merely an afterthought. That is the dirty secret of the pet industry. If your dog suffers from tummy trouble, then homemade dog food for sensitive stomachs is the way to go. You must take a stand for your pet and take matters into your own hands!

Doggie Treats Tips: What Should You Avoid When Buying Chicken Jerky Treats For Dogs?

There is no harm in giving doggie treats to your pet as long as they are given with care and caution. After all, what is safe for you as a human being may not be the case for your dog. When given properly, these treats can be a source of enjoyment for him, or you can use them for training.

House Training a Dog Previously House Trained in Another Way

House training a dog usually isn’t very complicated. You pick a potty training method, implement it with your puppy consistently, and then wait until your pooch learns the routine. However, the case of Frenzy, a four-year-old Labrador Retriever, was quite different and wasn’t quite as easy.

Potty Training Problems?

One of the things that I hear most about from new dog owners that really gets them frustrated is potty training their new puppy or dog. House training a new dog is really not that difficult and the methods that we use are the same whether it is an adult dog or a puppy.

Do You Have a Dog Dry Skin Remedy for Your Best Friend? After Reading This, You Will!

If you’re looking for the best dog dry skin remedy, than look no further than the dog food you pour into your doggie’s bowl without a second thought. Statistics show that nearly 99% of the time, that same food is filled with dangerous chemicals and additives that may lead to serious illness and even death. The good news? You can remedy your dog’s dry skin with a few simple steps that you can start right now!

STOP Trying to Select the Right Dog Food For Sensitive Skin Issues in Your Commercial Pet Store

Sensitive dog food that treats your pooch with dry, flaky skin never will be found in your commercial pet store. The best sensitive dog food is homemade where you have total control of what your doggie consumes!

Puppy House Training Made Easy

The first few days for a puppy in it’s new home are very important so it’s best to get started & lay down the rules from day one. Unless you want your puppy peeing & pooing all over the house, you will need to train them. They’re just like a baby & don’t have bladder or bowel control yet but they will learn quickly with proper guidance & instructions. All it’s takes is repetition, routine, patience, persistence.

A Few Facts and Bits of Information About Dogs

Dogs have very strong senses and they can show their moods with their tails. If you find that a tail is wagging rapidly, it seems that pet is very happy. On the other hand, a stiff tail signals either that the dog is not happy, that it’s alert or is attentively listening to something.

Dog Care Tips And Tricks For New Dog Owners

Many people currently have a dog or grew up with them. If you are thinking of getting a dog, or already have one, knowing some simple facts can be a lifesaver. This article is going to give you tips on dogs so that you can be prepared to care for one.

How Do I Stop My Jack Russell From Peeing In The House – House Training A Jack Russell Puppy

House training a Jack Russell Terrier puppy is one of the most daunting tasks for a dog owner. But it doesn’t have to be. Read this article and see how to house train a Jack Russell Terrier is easier than you thought.

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