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Arthritis in Dogs: Recognising the Symptoms

Dogs get ailments just like we do and one of the most common sources of chronic pain in dogs is arthritis. Anyone who suffers from arthritis will tell you it’s no fun, but at least we can verbalise our symptoms and get help from a doctor, but what about Fido?

Importance Of Flea Prevention

It is summer time and everybody is outside enjoying the nice weather, even the fleas. They are mainly just a nuisance to both the dog and the owner. Fleas and are in the environment all year round in some areas because it takes a heavy frost to kill them, but are more of a problem in the summertime because people and their dogs are out and more active at this time of year. So, because of this the importance of flea prevention is greater in the summer, but important all year round.

Is An Indoor Dog House For My Small Dog A Good Idea?

Every pet needs a space that they can call their own and feel comfortable in. Having a dog house for your little pet will help solve many problems for you and for your furry little friend. Having a safe and secure place to go will make your small dog happier and will also make your life easier.

Pet Care Tips: Siberian Huskies

Granted, there are several breeds to choose from, each one with their own distinct personalities and appearances, but if you want a breed that can be independent and still remain loyal to you, a Siberian husky would be the perfect choice. Yet, despite their independence, you may actually want to look into a few tips on how you can take care of them properly before deciding to acquire one.

The Irresistible Affenpinscher

People who own and love the Affenpinscher can’t understand why, over the years, it has not become more popular. The following is a quotation taken from a “love letter” written by a new owner of an Affenpinscher puppy back to the breeder.

Affenpinscher’s Function and Temperament

The original function of breed was that of a rodent killer in the kitchens, barns, stables and granaries. Some report that the Affen was used to flush out small game, also. Over the past three centuries the Affenpinscher has become a loved family companion who is willing to be dressed up in doll clothes by the young girls and pushed around in a baby carriage.

Understanding A Dog Show

Just how do dog shows work? There’s more to a dog show than what we see on TV. This article explains how dog shows work.

Portable Air Conditioning – A “Doggone” Smart Way to Prevent Heat Related Illnesses

As the mercury sizzles in warmer weather, pets rely on their owners to provide a safe and healthy environment. Heat related illnesses in pets are most preventable using portable air conditioning products that are designed so that you have the “coolest” and healthiest pets on the block this summer!

Spot Check

Our lives are very inclusive of the special times we share with our pets. Take a step back in time to the days of learning to read with Dick, Jane, Puff and Spot.

The Healthiest Pet Food Options

Just like humans, animals need good diets so that they can live long healthy lives. If you care about your four legged friend, you have to ensure that you find the best food options for them.

What Is the Affenpinscher?

People who own, exhibit and breed the Affenpinscher hear these kinds of comments all the time. This relatively uncommon, but old, breed is slowly gaining respect by the dog fancy and the public as well. One experienced dog enthusiast, after living with and showing his first Affenpinscher, was heard to say, “This breed is the best-kept secret in the dog world, and I hope it stays that way.” The Affenpinscher has a small but loyal following in North America and Europe. Its history and development as a respected member of the canine community is an interesting but unfamiliar story.

Important Affenpinschers of The Modern Era

Ch.Hilane’s Solar Eclipse was born May 9, 1991 and died September 11, 2004. Solar was bred and owned by Jerome Cushman and Frederickk Nuernberg. Solar was one of three puppies in the litter. His rather unique color inspired his name. On his neck, shoulders and flanks he had a dark red undercoat with a black overlay of hard coat. Many times he has thrown this characteristic coat color. He was Winners Dog under judge Sari Brewster Tietjen at the national specialty in 1992.

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