This Dog is Tearing this Family Apart! (Cesar’s Dog Nation!)


Dog Shampoos and Bathing Products

If you browse online or in your local pet store, you will quickly discover that there are literally hundreds of dog shampoos and bathing products. Beyond simple shampoos, there are conditioners, detanglers, colognes for dogs, medicated shampoos, shampoos and conditioners for every skin condition, flea and tick shampoos, whitening shampoos, and color enhancing shampoos, and the list goes on and on.

Gluten Intolerance: Why Going Grain-Free Can Cure Allergies

A question came up the other day from a customer that was concerned about her dog’s intolerance to gluten. Her question was whether or not she should be concerned about feeding a beef diet to her pet if the cow had been fed a grain diet, which naturally contains gluten. She was worried that there would be a transfer of the gluten the cow digested in the beef diet, which was being fed to her highly allergic dog.

Dog Bowl Dilemma – What Is Best For Your Pet?

There is a big variety of dog bowls available, but which type is perfect for your pooch? Whether your dog is on the go or staying at home, this article explores the options.

Natural Dog Food Recipes

Many years ago, dogs ate scraps of food sustenance. That was the natural way of getting the nutrition they needed. These days, you can just open a bag and scoop out what the dog needs. It may be time to think about going back to the old days.

Bulldog Training Tips

Although it has been established that bulldogs tend to have a soft and tender character, training them may require a few tips. The reason for this is that it they have a few traits that make training them a daunting task. It is therefore important to start training your bulldog at its tender age. The rule of thumb is that you should start training your bulldog as soon as they arrive home.

How To Stop A Barking Dog

If your dog is constantly barking, there may be a reason – we need to address the why before we address how to stop the barking. Some dog breeds, or individual dogs bark more than others – they are simply more expressive. A dog is communicating when they bark and whine, this is comparable to a human laughing, shouting or speaking.

How To Quickly Stop Dog Chewing

Dog chewing is a completely normal behavior, but destructive chewing is inappropriate, and needs to be quickly stopped. In this article you will learn why dogs chew, whether you have a puppy or an adult dog. Prevention really is you best option, and you will find the top tips here. Lastly you’ll learn the most important holistic veterinary remedies to quickly stop your dog’s chewing fast.

“Soft Pet Steps” and Their Many Advantages

Here are some good reasons to use pet steps for your beloved family members. They will thank you for it.

What Are The Responsibilities For Raising A Dog?

If you are considering purchasing a dog, you should not only consider the joys of doing so, you should also consider the responsibilities. After all, the dog is going to depend on you to take care of it’s needs, as it will not be in a position to take care of them on it’s own. Those needs will include such things as feeding it the proper food and getting it the medical care that is necessary. It will also include training the animal so that it can be a healthy and happy part of the family.

Dog Fleas Cause More Than Itching: Why Flea Treatment Is So Important

Fleas are very successful at reproducing themselves. Actually, they are some of the most prolific creatures on the planet in terms of reproduction. For this reason, if you own a pet, you will want to find out about the best dog flea treatment!

Training a Bulldog

It goes without saying that the English bulldog is indeed a very smart animal. To tell you the truth, the dog is known to be very stubborn so there are a few things one needs to know so as to make training much easier. The underlying thing to note is that you have to understand your dog before you decide what to start training. Lead training is very essential when dealing with a bulldog.

Can You Prevent Your Dog From Biting?

Recently I read a heartbreaking story about a ten-month-old child who was killed after a relative’s dog attacked him. Some of us may hold a sense of mortality, but even so we would like to think we are safe in our own homes. What happened to this family is certainly tragic, and we can argue forever about fault and what could have been done to prevent such a thing. At the end of the day we make look at our own dogs and think if it’s possible they will bite a member of the family or a friend. Bites are always possible, regardless of familiarity – question is, how can we be proactive and keep it from occurring?

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