Tiny Kittens Wake Up a Golden Retriever Puppy [Cutest Wake Up Ever]


Why Obedience Training Is So Important

Obedience training is the foundation of all dog training. Not just in dog training but it helps in pretty much all aspects of owning a dog. It is the first thing a dog should learn and it is the basis for solving most dog behavior problems.

How to Understand Your Dog’s Body Language

Dogs have developed a range of signs and signals to communicate. However, selective breeding has made this difficult for some breeds to get their message across.

Tear Stains on White Dogs – Causes and Remedies

Tear stains on white dogs can be common and appear unattractive. This article looks at why tear stains are caused and ideas for preventing them.

Picking The Right Dog Kennel For Traveling

Keeping in mind you also want to choose one that’s built to last and that will be safe and the right size for your dog. We have had several kinds but my favorite is the one that has a few slits on the sides so they can see out and still be out of the weather, and our not made of any kind of steel or wire, I think they can be a issue on safety for your best friend, so many times they can get restless being in there just like your out door kennels expect for the fact there in a much more confined area, another good thing to make things even more comfortable is to put a carpet mat or pillow in the kennel so they won’t be so nervous or bored depending on how long you keep them locked up.

Dog Bed Buyer’s Guide

When choosing the right dog beds for your dogs, be sure that they are large enough so they are comfortable, also make sure they are made well and when I say that I mean of good quality, like thick enough and so they don’t collapse when a dog of significant weight gets on them or lies on them. You also want to make sure you buy one that has a cover that can with stand if they should have an accident, so they could always be washed in your machine. You also want something that doesn’t attract hair, because it’s almost impossible to get that off no matter how many of those tapes or brushes you buy at the store.

Scared Silly: How to Treat Noise Phobia in Dogs

Lots of dog owners have to deal with the frantic woes of a stressed pooch that becomes completely possessed during a thunder storm or other loud noise disturbance. Noise phobia is a common problem in dogs, and although it is not harmful in itself, it causes the dog much stress and anxiety, and can lead to dangerous, life-threatening situations should the dog run away in its efforts to escape the noise. Many a dog has been lost like this, some with fatal consequences.

Are You Over-Feeding Your Dog?

When looking from the side, there should be what is called a “tuck up”, which is their bottom line and should angle up towards the hips, after their ribs. If it is a straight line across the bottom, they are over weight.

Pet Crates That Are For Beauty And Comfort

The goal to pick the right pet crates is not always the same, some feel the wire is just fine but others would like to have something they can have in the house. You could be proud to have a crate that offers furniture quality and is also eco-friendly. Pet crate tables designed to match perfectly with every decor, while comfortably and safely securing pets are really a nice answer. Decorative and functional, these pet crates offer pet owners a high quality handcrafted alternative to unsightly wire pet crates.

The Perfect Choice for Dog Houses, Dog Pet Crate Tables, and Gates

The wire on the gates is black powder-coated for protection and durability. So you will have the best of all worlds with the lovely dog houses that keep your pets safe and look good at the same time. The dog crates that can also be used as an end table while securing your pet from any trouble, and the gates that will hold up also a very nice addition to any home and still keep your pets where they belong at all time. Who could or would ask for anything more for so little?

Training Older Cockapoos

You can teach an old dog new tricks. Here are some techniques for teaching and training your older cockapoo.

Dog Parks Are Contaminated With Parvovirus – Here’s What You Need To Know

Dog parks are a great place for pets to socialize and enjoy some healthy, outdoor activity. Unfortunately they can be contaminated with canine Parvovirus. Learn the facts about this virus and what you can do to protect your pets.

Bad Breath And Dental Care For Your Dog

Does your dog have bad breath? Dental care is often overlooked in our dogs. We all know dog’s don’t have great breath but you may want do some investigating to see if there is a cause for your dog’s bad breath.

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