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Dog House Training Tips That Work

Dog house training can be a trying time for any pet owner, and it takes a lot of patience, discipline and resilience because it takes time. Puppies are especially notorious for having accidents even once they are house trained, and it takes a few months for their bladders to fully develop as well as for them to learn to control their urges. Adult dogs are easier to train, however it may take some time for them to get used to their new surroundings as well as the routines of the house.

Things You Should Know About Your Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are intelligent, comical, entertaining pets capable of great loyalty to their people, and because of their compact size and limited exercise requirements, in most respects they are well suited for indoor life. Their assertive personalities make them a household favorite in many families, but your dog and you will both be happier if you attend to some fundamental Chihuahua needs.

Feeding Dogs Over Winter

Like most animals, dogs have enhanced nutritional needs during the cold months of winter, and you’ll have to adjust your feeding regimen to accommodate them. With the advice below you’ll find it easy to keep your pet happy, healthy and strong.

Teaching Your Dog to Come When Called Each and Every Time!

Teaching your dog to come when called is also probably the most difficult lesson-for you, not your dog. You’ll need to control your typical human tendencies and be aware of the body language. What you will find yourself understanding how to do is counter-intuitive to human beings, yet extremely effective. The end result-a pet dog that comes when you call, almost every time-will be certainly worth the effort and hard work.

Dinner From What You Kill

We’d like to begin by telling you to place your tongue firmly in your cheek. While some of these ideas may appeal to the fruitcakes out there, be forewarned: We’re just joshing you.

Advice on Winter Dog Care

Winter is a great time for pets, dogs in particular love exploring the new environment and playing in the snow. However they are susceptible to illness over the period, and these measures will be necessary to protect them.

Owens Series Dog Boxes

If you’ve got a gnawer on your hands, taking the pup from one place-to-another in the car is not only a journey; it’s a meal for the mutt. Two problems with a plastic pet container in this situation are you might experience a prison break-out. The other is that your pet’s digestive tract may get messed-up, causing you to take a detour to the vet.

Healthy Valentine’s Treat Options For Your Dog

No matter how much you love your dog, flowers and candy on Valentine’s Day just aren’t appropriate for him! However, you can still show your dog some affection and let him know that you want him to be your Valentine with some healthy Valentine treats. Here are some fun Valentine treat options for you to offer your dog so he won’t feel left on when you’re having some bon bons with your sweetheart.

Where Are Your Eyes?

The first thing we teach in the attention work is to get the dog to respond to his name. Put the dog on a 6′ foot leash and let him wander ahead of you or get interested in something else besides you…

Caring for Pet Dogs – A Fantastic Obsession

Ever since the dawn of civilization, one of the most prized assets for a human being has been a pet dog. A pet dog easily adapts to its new surroundings that are provided by its owner and becomes an inseparable part of the master’s family. The unconditional love that develops between the pet dog and its master is the result of an irresistible and a permanent bond.

Modifying Your Pet’s Behavior for a Happier Home

When you have a badly behaved pet it’s easy to blame yourself, but many dog owners don’t know how to train their dogs without guidance so any behavioral issues are completely understandable. With a good dog trainer and the right type of training on your side, you will soon have a well behaved and truly transformed pet.

Soft-Sided Dog Crates Add to Hiking Safety With Your Pet

What better way is there to enjoy a Saturday afternoon than with your four-foot friend on a hiking trail! Of course, your pet’s safety during your hike must always be in the forefront of your mind and so adequate preparation is essential. This preparation needs to include what you might have to do if your pet is injured while on the trail. In this article, I offer a list of what I always make sure to prepare for our day in the woods.

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