Top 10 Low Maintenance Dogs For Busy Owners


I Dewormed My Dog and Got a Surprise

This dog was the saddest, languid, most pitiable wretch you ever saw! I must have a soft spot for lost causes because I was immediately drawn to him, and despite my father’s urging otherwise, he was the one I picked. I’ve never dewormed a dog before and I didn’t really know what to expect.

How to Train Your Dog to Pay Attention

These are the very first steps to training your dog to pay attention. The success of every single request you make of your dog is based on whether or not he will pay attention. So, let’s learn this first.

The Best Indoor Exercise for Dogs: The Treadwheel As an Alternative to Treadmills for Dogs

Treadmills for dogs, sized properly for your particular pooch, lets him run according to his pace and his stride for as long as he is comfortable doing so, in a safe place with his favorite people nearby. Now there is an alternative, the dog treadwheel, that let’s Fido run safely whenever he wants to, even when his parents aren’t home. Both machines are great for dogs; the choice depends on your needs and preferences.

Top Eight Things People Do That Encourage Bad Dog Behavior

Bad dog behavior can lead to serious problems, including lawsuits. Learn more about how you can prevent it now.

Tips to Trim Your Dog’s Nails

The sound of your dog’s nails scratching across the kitchen tiles is the first sign they need a trim. Unfortunately, trimming your dog’s nails can be quite the challenge, especially if you haven’t done it before. The following tips will help you to quickly and easily trim your dog’s nails without causing any emotional or physical harm.

Secrets to Successful Dog Training

There are many misconceptions to training your dog or even treating your dog. I will be discussing proper dog training and how it will benefit you.

Dogs Eating Grass – Why Do They Do It?

Dogs eat a lot of things, but grass is very common. So an answer to the question of why dogs eat grass.

Dogs Make Our Lives Complete

What would our lives be without dogs? They keep us company when we’re happy or sad. They work beside us. They help us in sickness and disability. They rescue our children. They keep our feet warm at night. Where would man be without our best friend?

Dental Care for Your Dog Is Important to Overall Health

Did you know that tooth decay can cause serious health problems in your dog? We will explain the importance of good oral hygiene for your dog as well as the best practices.

How Hot Weather Can Harm Your Dog

Although the summer is an enjoyable season, the hot temperatures can quickly cause problems including heat stroke for your dog. We will review the potential problems for dogs in the summer as well as provide advice to keep your dog safe during this time of year.

Helper Dogs – Companions As Well As Servants

Service dogs can be used for much more that helping the blind as seeing eye dogs. These dogs can help people with a wide-range of disabilities. We will look into the different ways that helper dogs or service dogs are helping many people today.

Helping Your Dog Get Along With Other Pets

Living with multiple pets can lead to conflict if the pets are not introduced to each other properly. We will discuss ways to have multiple pets, of the same species or different species, living under the same roof in harmony.

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